DNR – State Receives Dam Safety and Water Appropriation Permit Applications from PolyMet

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources header

Today, Poly Met Mining, Inc. (PolyMet) submitted Dam Safety and Water Appropriation permit applications for the proposed NorthMet project to DNR.

DNR’s technical experts will review these applications for any major omissions, and then we will initiate concurrent review by technical experts from state, local, and tribal governments, as applicable. After DNR completes its comprehensive review of the applications and considers the input from the other technical experts, we will determine whether to proceed with drafting permits. If we do draft permits, we will then seek public review and input. This will be the public’s opportunity to formally engage in the process before DNR makes final decisions on these permits.


DNR has not yet received any other permit applications for the proposed NorthMet project. As we do, we will provide email notifications, similar to this one.


In order to proceed, the NorthMet project would need to receive more than 20 types of local, state and federal approvals and permits.


PolyMet’s Dam Safety and Water Appropriation Permit applications will be available later today at: www.mn.gov/polymet, click on the DNR button.  


The MPCA has also received PolyMet’s Water Quality permit application. To view that application, go to: www.mn.gov/polymet and click on the MPCA button.