Request for information update

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Aug. 16, 2023

Request for information update

The Department of Labor and Industry's Compliance, Records and Training (CRT) unit has now completed the first few weeks of its new process of sending encrypted email messages containing the request for information (RFI) letters to claim administrators. From the CRT perspective it is going well; responses have been timelier. However, one issue is some claim administrators are responding directly through those email addresses instead of responding into the Work Comp Campus file.

As instructed in each of the RFI email messages, you cannot send your response to those email addresses, and any RFI responses received at those email addresses will not be opened or processed. If you have responded via email only, and there is no response from the claim administrator “in the Campus file” within 30 days of that RFI letter, a prohibited practice penalty will be assessed under Minnesota Statutes 176.194 for failing to respond to a department request within 30 days. To avoid receiving a penalty be sure to respond to those RFI email messages from CRT through the Campus file only.

Quick tip

  • To respond to an RFI in Campus, go to that employee's main page and select the yellow button labeled "Submit Filing."
  • Then, from the drop-down menu labeled "filing name," select an appropriate label and select "Save."
  • Next, select the "Upload document" button (making sure it is already in PDF).

See "How to upload a document in Campus."

If you have questions about an RFI, contact the sender via the phone number in the email message.

CRT strongly encourages all claim administrators to adjust their Campus permission of "Designated Contact for Information Requests from DLI" to a single email address to receive all RFI messages and remove the permission from all other users. The email address can be a group email address; however, a person's first name and last name must be associated to the user account in Campus. Another benefit of this approach, from a management standpoint, is that tracking the requests will be easier because the requests will then flow through a centralized point rather than through individual adjusters. For additional information about this change refer to the July 7 message, "Change to requests for information process begins July 17" on the Campus central webpage.

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