Change to requests for information process begins July 17

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July 7, 2023

Change to requests for information process begins July 17

The Department of Labor and Industry's Compliance, Records and Training compliance services officers will change the method of sending requests for information (RFI) to claim administrators beginning Monday, July 17.

Instead of sending an email message through Work Comp Campus, where the recipient must log into Campus to retrieve the request, the request will be sent directly via encrypted email.

Because the body of the email message will contain pertinent claim information, as well as the actual request for information, recipients will not be required to log into Campus to view the request. The subject line will be:  "This is a request for information from the DLI Compliance, Records and Training unit."

This change makes the RFI process more efficient for both DLI and for its stakeholders and improves the likelihood of timely responses to those requests. Currently, many requests go unanswered and are eligible for costly prohibited practices penalties.

As a reminder, failure to respond to an RFI within 30 calendar days is a prohibited practice under Minnesota Statutes § 176.194.

Users are still required to respond to the RFI via Campus by submitting EDI/eForm transactions, by filing Campus webforms (such as the discontinuance webform) or by uploading a response to the Campus claim as appropriate. As noted, failure to respond to the request within 30 calendar days will result in a prohibited practices penalty as allowed by Minn. Stat. § 176.194, subdivision 3(6). Emailed replies and submissions will not be accepted and are considered invalid. All responses and uploads must be done through Campus.

Group administration

Compliance, Records and Training strongly encourages all claim administrators to adjust their Campus permission of "Designated Contact for Information Requests from DLI" to a single email address at which to receive the RFI messages and remove the permission from all other users. If multiple users have this permission, the RFI encrypted email messages can be sent to any one of those users. If one email address has this permission, the RFI encrypted email messages will always go to that email address. The email address can be a group email address; however, a person's first name and last name must be associated to the user account in Campus.

Group administration manual

See page 11 in the group administration manual for information about accessing group administrator settings and page 22 for information about editing member permissions.

For assistance

For group management questions related to assigning permissions in Campus, email Cheryl Scherbel at or Lynne Knowles at

If there are issues opening encrypted email messages, contact your company's IT services to check for any internal issues or the Workers' Compensation Division Help Desk at, 651-284-5005 (press 3) or 800-342-5354 (press 3). Help desk live support is available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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