A review of Minnesota's wage theft law


Wage and Hour Bulletin

July 2022

Screenshot of wage theft video with text, "How to prevent wage theft"

Minnesota's wage theft law

In July 2019, a law went into effect in Minnesota to deter and address wage theft, which is when an employer fails to pay wages earned by its employees.

The law created additional protections for workers and added criminal penalties for employers that commit wage theft.

Let's review some of the law's provisions and Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) resources available to prevent wage theft.

Employee notice example

Employee notice

All employers must provide each employee with a written notice at the start of their employment and keep the employee notified, in writing, before notice terms change throughout their employment.

The notice must contain required information about an employee's employment status and terms of employment.

Employers may use an example notice provided by DLI or create their own. In Minneapolis, employers may have additional wage theft requirements under the city's Wage Theft Ordinance.

Find more information, including an example notice in 15 languages, a video and more at dli.mn.gov/employee-notice.

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Earnings statement requirements

The wage theft law added additional earnings statement (or paystub) requirements.

Recordkeeping requirements

The wage theft law requires employers keep additional records for each employee, including an employee notice.

Animated workers and text about applying for Frontline Worker Pay.

Frontline Worker Pay application draws to a close

The Frontline Worker Pay application closes Friday, July 22, 2022, at 5 p.m. (CT). DLI encourages employers in frontline sectors to share information with their workers about applying for Frontline Worker Pay.

Find additional information and resources, including an information sheet available in 21 languages, at dli.mn.gov/toolkit. 


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