School conference and activities leave law


Wage and Hour Bulletin

October 2021

School conference and activities leave law

Parents sitting with their children in a classroom

Students are back in school and people may have questions about laws that provide leave to working parents.

Minnesota’s School Conference and Activities Leave law allows eligible employees up to 16 hours of unpaid leave from work to attend their child’s school conferences and activities each year and for each child (see Minnesota
Statutes 181.9412)

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this leave, the employee must work at least half of what the employer considers to be a full-time schedule.

Who is considered a child?

“Child” includes any child of the employee, whether biological, adopted or foster, who is younger than 18 or who is younger than 20 and is still attending secondary school. Eligible employees can receive up to 16 hours for each child.

How many hours of unpaid leave are they eligible for?

An employee must be granted up to 16 leave hours for each child during any 12-month period. This is sometimes referred to as a 12-month, rolling calendar

More information

Find a printable fact sheet with more information about Minnesota’s School Conference and Activities Leave law at


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