Issues with filing Motion to Intervene in Campus

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Dec. 18, 2020

Issues with filing Motion to Intervene in Campus

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) launched its new workers' compensation claims portal, Work Comp Campus, Nov. 2. Prior to the system launch, DLI reached out to connect with a wide range of constituent groups and stakeholders across the state, not only to create awareness about Campus, but also to provide opportunities for training and testing before Campus went live.

While several medical and health care providers operating within Minnesota were contacted about Campus in the weeks leading up to Nov. 2, DLI did not schedule dedicated interactions for this particular user group. DLI intends to connect more directly and intentionally with users in this category in the weeks ahead to provide better assistance navigating the system.

Unable to file Motion to Intervene with common FEIN

With this in mind, DLI wants to address an issue that has been brought to our attention recently by multiple providers and their legal representatives. Specifically, we learned users attempting to file a separate Motion to Intervene on behalf of a local facility within one parent health system are unable to do so with the desired specificity when the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of the facility is the same as that of the health system.

What DLI is asking of you

While we work to address some of the underlying technology and system limitations, we are asking our medical and health care provider partners to file one Motion to Intervene under the health system's FEIN, with the attachments to the motion describing the services rendered at the particular facilities within the health system. While this may require the filer to ensure that monies received as a result of the intervention are properly distributed to the appropriate facilities, the process will allow the Motion to Intervene to be timely filed in Campus and communicate the relevant intervention interests to the dispute parties.

How to get help, watch for training opportunities

We will continue to monitor this issue and work to develop a long-term solution within Campus. In the meantime, contact DLI's Workers' Compensation Division Help Desk at, 651-284-5005 (press 3) or 800-342-5354 (press 3) with questions or for additional assistance.

Additional details about training opportunities specifically for medical and health care providers will be sent in the days ahead.

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