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Wage and Hour Bulletin

April 17, 2018

Required workplace safety, health posters


About the required posters

Minnesota law requires employers to display state-mandated posters in a location where all employees can easily see them, such as in the break room, in a common area or by the time clock.

The five required posters contain information about age discrimination, Minnesota minimum-wage rates, safety and health protections on the job, unemployment benefits and workers' compensation.

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) commissioner may fine an employer up to $200 for each failure to comply with the mandatory workplace poster law.

DLI offers the posters at no cost, in English, Hmong, Somali and Spanish.

New posters are only needed when law changes require an update of the information on the poster. They are not updated annually. 

Get free required workplace posters

There are several ways to get the free required workplace posters individually or as a set.

  1. Download and print the posters from the Department of Labor and Industry website at
  2. Order the posters online at
  3. Order the posters by phone at (651) 284-5042 or 1-800-342-5354. 
  4. Email a request for posters to that includes the business name, a contact name, the mailing address and the phone number. Be sure to specify which posters and which languages are needed.

Additional posters may be required

Some U.S.government agencies also have mandatory poster requirements. More information is available at the links below. 

Answer to frequently asked questions

Q. What if I'm my only employee? Do I need workplace posters for myself?

  • You do not need workplace posters if you are your only employee.

Q. Can I put the posters in a binder or on a company computer?

  • No, physical posters must be placed in a conspicuous and accessible area on the premises of the business for all employees to see.

Q. Can I just buy the posters offered from a vendor?

  • Some businesses offer posters for a fee, but the most current posters are always available from the Department of Labor and Industry for free.

For more information

If you want more information about the workplace posters Minnesota requires, call us at (651) 284-5075 or visit


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