Forms published to eDocs (November 2020)

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Forms published to eDocs

November 2020



DHS-2708-ENG Community Minnesota Supplemental Aid Budget Worksheet

DHS-2919-ENG Verification Request Form

DHS-3909-ENG Proposal to Conduct Research on DHS Program Participants – Application for IRB Review

DHS-4015-ENG Waiver and Alternative Care (AC) Programs - Provider Enrollment Application

DHS-4206C-ENG Quarterly Outpatient Problem Gambling Service Report

DHS-4207-ENG Gambling Service Agreement and Client Data Form

DHS-7602-ENG Critical Access Dental Payment Program Encounter Data Request

DHS-7952A-ENG Yearly In-Service Training Record - Licensed Child Care Centers

DHS-7983-ENG Voluntary out-of-home placement agreement for child co-located with parent in residential treatment for substance use disorder

DHS-7984-ENG Notice to parent/s or Indian custodian/s considering voluntary placement of their Indian child co-located with them in a residential substance use disorder treatment program

DHS-7985-ENG Voluntary out-of-home placement agreement for a child co-located with parent or Indian custodian in residential treatment for substance use disorder – Indian child


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