Update on the transition to other waiver services for people who currently receive residential care services

Minnesota Department of Human Services

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Aug. 18, 2016

TO: Lead agencies and case managers
FROM:  DHS Aging and Adult Services and Disability Services divisions
EFFECTIVE: Immediately
PURPOSE: To provide lead agencies and case managers with a status update on DHS' progress toward discontinuing the residential care waiver service
CONTACT: DSD.ResponseCenter@state.mn.us

Update on the discontinuation of the residential care waiver service

To keep you updated on the progress of the plan to discontinue the residential care waiver service, DHS created the CBSM — Discontinuation of residential care waiver service page. It outlines the progress made since July 2015. It also identifies key next steps for people who will be affected and who will need to transition to alternative waiver services

This change affects fewer than 200 people on the following waiver programs:

  • Brain Injury (BI)
  • Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI)
  • Elderly Waiver (EW).

The residential care waiver service does NOT include customized living, foster care or supported living services (SLS) waiver services.

More information

For more information about the residential care service, see the following: