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January 24, 2023

New Jobs

PROWD Grant Employer Engagement Specialist - Job ID 61829

May be eligible to telework up to four (4) to five (5) days per week | St. Paul | Closes 2/3/2023

The Partners for Reentry Opportunities in Workforce Development (PROWD) Grant is a collaborative project with federal and state partners with the goal to help Justice Involved individuals by providing pre- and post-release individualized career pathways training, employment seeking skills development, employment attainment, and sustainability services to individuals currently residing in the four minimum- or low-security Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) correctional facilities in Minnesota, who at the time of enrollment are residing in the Duluth, Sandstone, Rochester and Waseca facilities and will release to two Residential Reentry Centers, and their communities.

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced lead job developer to join our team. Be responsible for coordinating and implementing job development and placement activities, as well as providing leadership and guidance to the team.

Accounts Payable Officer - Job ID 62516

May be eligible to telework up to four (4) days per week | St. Paul | Closes 2/8/2023

Assist with providing high level financial management and accounting work for our department. In collaboration with the Senior Officer, assist with managing the Admin Accounting - Accounts Payable department by ensuring that Federal, State, and other funds used for payments are accurate given DEED’s complex budget, projects, and chart of accounts. Ensure payments are appropriately cost allocated as well as reconciles and processes transactions are through SWIFT. Assist with complex problems such as past due or disputed vendor accounts, cost allocations, insufficient funds, purchasing violations, backorders, and other issues. Ensure state purchasing card payments are timely made, business expense reimbursements are done timely and accurately including, cash advances, and employee relocation expenses.

Twin Cities Metro Regional Business Development Manager - ID 62283

May be eligible to telework up to four (4) days per week | St. Paul | 2/14/2023

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development is searching for a Twin Cities Metro Regional Business Development Manager. The chosen individual will work strategically and aggressively to promote economic development in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Region.

The ideal candidate has experience in managing large site selection projects and has a robust network of contacts, including brokers, site selectors, cities, economic development organizations, utilities, among others.

This is a great opportunity to learn and grow, take on a leadership role, share ideas and innovate, become a technical expert, and get advanced training. If you are passionate about helping communities grow and prosper; have a knack for business development, place marketing, and site selection; enjoy working in a team environment and are a go-getter... We invite you to apply for this position!

Workforce Strategy Director - Job ID 60879

May be eligible for some telework | St. Paul | Closes 2/3/2023

Provide leadership, development, analysis, fiscal management, human resources planning and overall direction of the Workforce Strategy Consultants as part of the Economic Development Division within the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Work very closely with Workforce Development and Business Development to help address businesses’ workforce needs by aligning resources, facilitating collaboration, and leveraging expertise in industry sectors to develop innovative workforce solutions that drive economic equity and growth. Develop strategic business plans, policies, and processes; and provide technical guidance, management reporting, data analysis, management and staff recruitment, hiring and training.

If you want to make an impact and help businesses create workforce opportunities, come and be a part of our amazing team!

Employer Engagement Specialist - Job ID 61960

May be eligible to telework up to four (4) days per week | St. Paul | Closes 2/7/2023

RETAIN is a collaborative project with federal and state partners with the goal to help individuals affected by an illness or injury return to work quickly, thereby preventing long term unemployment and unnecessary disability. This new program provides an opportunity to be part of a national economic recovery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a resilient and sustainable workforce for the state. Minnesota is one of five states in the nation selected to implement the program.

Coordinate, lead and deliver demand-driven regional and statewide business services that assist business and industry sectors in overcoming the challenges of recruiting and retaining ill/injured workers. Initiate and build partnerships between Minnesota businesses, community organizations, workforce system partners, Job Services, industry associations, education partners, and economic development. Provide outreach to and consults with business leaders in targeted industry sectors to determine their needs including talent attraction, and retention, hiring, succession planning, equity, workforce development and planning, and job growth.

How to Apply

Here are some process tips:

  1. When the posting you applied to disappears from our website, it does NOT mean the position has been filled!  We post our positions for a specific amount of time; when the posting comes down, it simply means we are no longer accepting new applicants.  The important work of candidate screening BEGINS when the posting is removed from our website.
  2. Our "Minimum Qualifications" are not flexible. In order to be considered for any position at the State, your resume must clearly and explicitly (in the plainest possible language) demonstrate exactly how you meet the minimum qualifications. If you also possess the preferred qualifications, they too should be stated as plainly as possible.
  3. NEVER use an experience-based resume to apply to the State of Minnesota. Your resume must be laid out chronologically so that we can compare candidates in the most equitable way. Experience-based resumes (lacking the timeline) do not allow for equitable comparison and will not be considered.

Interested in great benefits?

There are many benefits to working with the State of Minnesota. Here are some of the reasons that 35,000 Minnesotans have decided to make their careers in government service:

The following benefits are available to any state employee whose appointment is at least six months long, whether temporary or permanent. 

  • Paid Time Off. Receive a minimum of 13 days of paid vacation, 13 days of sick time, and 11 paid holidays. We do not have a "use-it-or-lose-it" policy and you are permitted to hold up to 275 hours in your vacation bank. Depending upon your employment plan, you may be able to use vacation as deferred compensation.
  • Low-Cost Health Insurance. Family medical premiums are only $257 per month, while individual coverage is $38 per month. Low out of pocket maximum deductibles are available depending on your selected plan.
  • Retirement Plan. A defined benefit pension, which vests for life after five years of service, is available to nearly all employees. Read more about our General Employee Retirement Plan.
  • Pre-Tax Benefits. We offer many pre-tax benefits for medical and dental expenses, transit, dependent care and other tax-advantaged programs. Pre-Tax benefits are deductions that lower your taxable wages.