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January 10, 2023

New Jobs

Workforce Policy Coordinator - Job ID 61641

May be eligible to telework up to three (3) to four (4) days per week | Closes 1/23/2023

Work under the direction of the Deputy Commissioner of Workforce Development and in coordination with the Director of the Governor’s Workforce Development Board (GWDB). Be responsible for supporting the Deputy Commissioner and the workforce development division’s senior staff with coordinating the alignment of the states workforce development system. Work in a comprehensive and technical nature to support, develop, and advance the effective utilization and/or implementation of workforce development system policies, governing documents, federally-required strategic planning processes, and strategic community and cross-sector partnerships to improve the programs and services that the system provides for career seekers, employers, and communities across the state.

Acquisitions Supervisor - Job ID 61900

May be eligible to telework up to three (3) days per week | Closes 1/13/2023

DEED has a centralized procurement model. On behalf of the agency, the acquisitions team procures goods and services while ensuring fair and open competition; compliance with all federal, state, and internal laws, rules, policies, and procedures; and transparency all while maintaining a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The acquisitions team also manages the agency’s purchasing card program.

Provide engaged and strategic leadership, supervision, and guidance to ensure effective and efficient achievement of the agency’s procurement goals and responsibilities. Be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining relevant policies and procedures to ensure compliance and adequate internal controls; and providing training and technical assistance to all DEED divisions.

Sign Language Interpreter Senior - ID 61389

May be eligible to telework up to five (5) days per week | 1/11/2023

Coordinate and provide interpreting, job coaching, and other vocational rehabilitation support services, as an American Sign Language Interpreter to the St. Paul Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) staff and their Deaf and Hard-of-hearing (DHH) participants in the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Provide information, referral, and consultation to: St. Paul and metropolitan VRS applicants and participants; their families; other VRS offices serving people who are DHH throughout Minnesota; community organizations; service providers; potential participants of VRS; and their significant others.

Small Business Development Center Director - Job ID 61493

May be eligible to telework up to five (5) days per week | Closes 1/11/2023

Minnesota’s Small Business Development Center program (SBDC) is dedicated to helping small businesses throughout Minnesota grow. With a statewide reputation for being a leader in serving entrepreneurs and small businesses, we are looking for the next energetic and collaborative director to work with our regional centers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to help catalyze and grow the state’s small business community.

Advance the delivery of services and be a champion for the SBDC and small business development by working collaboratively with other small business programs and services both internal at DEED and external with our many partners. Provide leadership of the SBDC network by overseeing and advocating for SBDC services to elevate the image, services and reputation of the program.

Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting Manager - Job ID 61817

May be eligible to telework up to four (4) days per week | Closes 1/23/2023

Working collaboratively under the direction of the Agency Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and in close consultation with the Commissioner’s Office, under general administrative oversight, direct core financial planning, forecasting, analysis, and budgeting activities for the department including monitoring the agency’s financial health, focusing on the integrity and safeguarding of the public trust, and providing innovative financial management and reporting to internal and external audiences. Direct and hold ownership of the financial management and budgeting processes using the related statewide enterprise systems.

Serve as primary backup to the Chief Financial Officer, including participating in official legislative activity, when necessary. Similar to the CFO, this financial position has DEED enterprise-wide contract signing authority, regardless of the dollar amount. This authority is solely delegated by the Commissioner and filed with the Secretary of State.

How to Apply

Here are some process tips:

  1. When the posting you applied to disappears from our website, it does NOT mean the position has been filled!  We post our positions for a specific amount of time; when the posting comes down, it simply means we are no longer accepting new applicants.  The important work of candidate screening BEGINS when the posting is removed from our website.
  2. Our "Minimum Qualifications" are not flexible. In order to be considered for any position at the State, your resume must clearly and explicitly (in the plainest possible language) demonstrate exactly how you meet the minimum qualifications. If you also possess the preferred qualifications, they too should be stated as plainly as possible.
  3. NEVER use an experience-based resume to apply to the State of Minnesota. Your resume must be laid out chronologically so that we can compare candidates in the most equitable way. Experience-based resumes (lacking the timeline) do not allow for equitable comparison and will not be considered.

Interested in great benefits?

There are many benefits to working with the State of Minnesota. Here are some of the reasons that 35,000 Minnesotans have decided to make their careers in government service:

The following benefits are available to any state employee whose appointment is at least six months long, whether temporary or permanent. 

  • Paid Time Off. Receive a minimum of 13 days of paid vacation, 13 days of sick time, and 11 paid holidays. We do not have a "use-it-or-lose-it" policy and you are permitted to hold up to 275 hours in your vacation bank. Depending upon your employment plan, you may be able to use vacation as deferred compensation.
  • Low-Cost Health Insurance. Family medical premiums are only $257 per month, while individual coverage is $38 per month. Low out of pocket maximum deductibles are available depending on your selected plan.
  • Retirement Plan. A defined benefit pension, which vests for life after five years of service, is available to nearly all employees. Read more about our General Employee Retirement Plan.
  • Pre-Tax Benefits. We offer many pre-tax benefits for medical and dental expenses, transit, dependent care and other tax-advantaged programs. Pre-Tax benefits are deductions that lower your taxable wages.