Reminder! CPC Applications Due Friday!

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Invitation for Applications to the VRS Community Partners Committee

Dear VRS Community Partners,

DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services is pleased to open the application process for Community Partner representatives for the VRS Community Partners Committee (CPC).

The CPC provides vital strategic advice and consultation to VRS on important topics and issues affecting the shared provision of employment services to Minnesotans with disabilities. The CPC is a voluntary advisory committee that meets virtually and approximately monthly on the third Wednesday of the month (9:00 a.m. to noon). The committee includes 12 Community Partner representatives who serve within a staggered term membership structure.

Application Deadline: For appointment consideration, applicants must complete and submit the application form no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 19, 2022. More information about the committee can be found on the VRS Community Partners Committee website.

About the CPC

Specifically, the Community Partners Committee:

  • Represents the perspectives and interests of Community Partner Committees in advancing rehabilitation and employment issues
  • Provides strategic level advice and consultation to DEED/VRS on matters affecting Community Partner Committees
  • Identifies key topics and issues affecting Community Partner Committee and DEED/VRS
  • Considers input from subject matter experts in issues affecting economic development, state demographics / population trends, and promising practices
  • Engages in active reflection, spirited discussion and strategic dialogue on critical topics affecting Community Partner Committee and DEED/VRS services to persons with disabilities in Minnesota

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Community Partners Committee (CPC) is to provide strategic advice and consultation to DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services on topics and issues affecting the shared provision of employment services to Minnesotans with disabilities. It is a voluntary, advisory committee.

Terms of Membership

  • Community Partner representatives serve a three-year term that runs September 1 through August 31.
  • Community Partner representatives must be employed by a VRS Community Partner.
  • Applicants must be in management and supervisory positions that directly oversee disability employment services provision. (e.g., rehabilitation program manager, program director, or service manager).
  • Members will be familiar with their organization’s operation and able to understand the varied challenges of providing services in different locations and service environments in Minnesota.
  • Consideration is given to geographic representation to foster statewide perspective.
  • Members should have the full support of their respective organizations to apply and to participate on the advisory committee.
  • Members are selected based on individual qualifications rather than an organizational basis. In the event, a member is unable to complete their term of membership, VRS may at its discretion fill the vacancy by appointment for the remainder of the vacated term or leave the vacancy open until the next round of applications occur.
  • Individuals may not serve more than two consecutive terms without a minimum of one year between service terms. Current members eligible and interested in being reappointed for a second term must complete the application form and will be considered within the full pool of applicants.
  • Members must continue to be employed by a VRS Community Partner during their term to be eligible for membership. Exceptions are allowed for short periods of job transition between employments at different VRS Community Partner organizations.

Staggered Membership Structure

Every year, one third (four members) of the Community Partner representative members on the CPC will rotate.

Committee Meetings

  1. Frequency of meetings: Meetings occur approximately monthly.
  2. Day of meetings: Meetings generally occur the 3rd Wednesday of the month with the exception of a combined November/December meeting on the first Wednesday in December.
  3. Time and length of meetings: Meetings are approximately 3 hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  4. Location of meetings: Meetings may be scheduled virtually or a hybrid virtual/metro in-person option. DEED/VRS is unable to compensate and/or reimburse member expenses.

Application Instructions

We are pleased to open the application process at this time for Community Partner representatives interested in being considered for upcoming openings.


For additional information contact 2022 VRS Community Partners Committee Co-Leaders:

  • Kim Babine, VRS Director of Community Partnerships: 651-259-7349.
  • Chris McVey, VRS Deputy Director of Disability Employment Services: 651-341-3793.

My best,

Dee Torgerson
VRS Director