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Dear VRS Community Partners,

Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) works closely with our sister agency, Minnesota State Services for the Blind (SSB) to administer Minnesota’s public Vocational Rehabilitation program. Some states have both a “General” agency and a “Blind” agency to administer the VR program, others combine the agency into one.

You may not know that Community Partners that have a contract with VRS can also provide services through State Services for the Blind’s VR program. without needing an additional contract. However, if having a specific contract with SSB is something your organization would like to explore, you can contact SSB’s contract coordinator, Jennifer Beilke, Jennifer.Beilke@state.mn.us. SSB is now making it easier than ever for VRS Community Partners to also contract with SSB!

One way you as a Community Partner can learn more about SSB is to attend their upcoming forum on Pre-ETS. You’ll receive a review of Pre-ETS as well as tips for working with students who are blind, DeafBlind, or have low vision.

State Services for the Blind Special Pre-Employment Transition Services Community Partners Forum

If you’re a vendor with the State of Minnesota serving students with disabilities, this workshop will give you practical tips and strategies for serving students who are blind, DeafBlind, or have low vision.

SSB will clarify Pre-ETS lingo and requirements. SSB will also provide guidance, tips and resources particular to the blind community and they’ll draw on their expertise to answer questions you might have.

Perhaps, in this new year you’re looking to expand your services, or perhaps you and your staff are looking for a few pointers and insights in order to refresh your knowledge. Join us for this informative online workshop.

  • Who: SSB and VRS Community Partners
  • What: Forum focused on Pre-Employment Transition Services
  • Agenda:
    • Purpose of Pre-ETS
    • Who can receive Pre-ETS?
    • 5 required Pre-ETS
    • Authorizations and reports
    • Areas of high need
    • Tips for teaching students who are blind, DeafBlind, or have low vision
  • When: Tuesday, February 8 10am-12
  • Where: Zoom

This information can also be found on SSB’s website under the under "Upcoming News and Events." If you have any questions about the SSB forum, please contact SSB’s Pre-ETS coordinator, Sheila Koenig, Sheila.Koenig@state.mn.us.

My best,


Kim Babine
VRS Director of Community Partnerships