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Dear VRS Community Partners,

I have a number of updates and reminders to share with you today now that the PBA changes went live as of July 1 and the deadline for the first PBA Monthly Progress Update report was August 10.

Monthly Progress Reports

Communication requirements from Community Partners during a PBA have moved from bi-monthly communication updates to a Monthly Progress Report for both the General PBA and the E1 PBA.

June 30 was the last submission of bi-weekly Communication Updates. Community Partners should be caught up on communication updates through June 30. Starting July 1, Community Partners should be using the Monthly Progress Report template.

  • Use the Template: Community Partners must use the Monthly Progress Report template. The template can be found in the VRS Community Partners Guide in the “Forms” tab of the PBA service information webpage.
  • Where to Send: Monthly Progress Reports must be emailed to the email address printed on the specific authorization. The email address will be for the appropriate VR office. Using this email address as opposed to sending to the VR Counselor or VR Tech is necessary to safeguard private data.
  • Due Dates: Monthly Progress Reports are due no more than 10 days after the end of the month.
  • First Report Due Date: The first report (for July activities) was due by August 10.
    • If you have not submitted the Monthly Progress Report for July activities, please do so ASAP.
  • No Reports, No Payment: All Monthly Progress Updates must be submitted before VRS will process the corresponding milestone payment.

PBA Billing

Here’s a peek at the many great questions about the process of billing under the new PBA requirements that have been submitted to the CP Team. You can find all questions and answers here, under the FAQ tab.

  • Does VRS need the first monthly progress report from Community Partners before paying Milestone 1?
    • No, only the signed Placement Plan provided by the partner is necessary to pay a Milestone 1 invoice.
  • Is it still required to have the first 60-day meeting scheduled before the payment of the first milestone? (for both general and E1?)
    • Yes, the 60-day meeting should be scheduled before the Placement Plan meeting concludes with the Core Members (Job Seeker, Placement Professional and VR Counselor) agreeing to a date and time.
  • Will VRS make a payment for a milestone if the provider has not submitted all Monthly Progress Reports to date for that individual?
    • No, VRS will not make a payment for a milestone unless all Monthly Progress Reports are received and satisfactory from the previous milestone paid to the current milestone being invoiced.
  • Regarding payment for Milestone 3: do Community Partners need to resubmit all progress reports occurring since the Milestone 2 payment or just ensure that the reports have been sent to the VR counselor at the appropriate times throughout that period?
    • The Placement Professional should submit the last Monthly Progress Report with the Job Closure information with an invoice for Milestone 3. The VRS staff will ensure ALL Monthly Progress Reports since the last Milestone payment have been received before approving Milestone 3 payment.
  • Would the first Monthly Progress Report be required a month after the placement plan meeting?
    • The first monthly progress report is required 10 days after the end of the calendar month. If a placement plan meeting happens toward the end of a month, there can be discretion utilized to allow the partner to just complete the next month of reporting. Communication outside of the progress report is strongly encouraged and is best practice.
  • How could placement give VRS employment verification within 7 days when it should be on the monthly report and that will be due by the 10th of the following month?
    • The partner will use the Monthly Progress Report and complete the job details. This should be sent within seven days of the first shift worked (regardless of time of month). Partners should continue to submit a regular monthly progress update on the 10th of the following month. It is possible two reports are sent in one month based on timing of a hire.
  • How should VRS staff document employment in WF1 if they can't yet start the 90-day job stability clock?
    • VR staff should enter employment details into WF1. If job coaching is layered, VR staff can move the case into "Job Coaching" status in WF1. Once employment stability is reached the status should be changed to "In Employment" to track Achieved 90 Days of Employment Stability.
  • What contact means are acceptable for a 60-day meeting, if a participant is unable to meet in person or does not have access to technology to do a virtual meeting?
    • We want to ensure the 60-Day Meeting is a planned meeting and not a quick phone call or email check-in. This meeting is an important part of Job Placement services. VR recommends a "live" in-person or virtual meeting, but we want to respect the Job Seeker's needs. If there is no option to meet either virtually or in person, this meeting can be by phone if it is a scheduled and structured meeting with all core members present (Job Seeker, VRS Counselor and Placement Professional).
  • Is there an option to pay a milestone for an individual attaining an intermediate job while still in placement for the specific employment goal?
    • PBA is used for a specific employment goal on the employment plan as determined by the VR counselor and the participant. An "Intermediate Job" is a term used for Pre-ETS services and refers to employment that is experiential in nature. Payment for Milestone 2 cannot be made for an "Intermediate Job."
  • VRS Placement Professional enters their information directly into WF1 - Is a copy of the Monthly Progress Report scanned into WF1 under "Document Summary" acceptable as having been entered into WF1?
    • Yes, it is acceptable to upload the Monthly Progress Report directly into EDS to count for internal VR placement documentation.
  • Do Community Partners need to use VRS's template Placement Plan form, or can Community Partners incorporate required elements into their internal electronic Placement Plan form?
    • The Placement Professional can use their own version of a Placement Plan for General PBAs and E1 PBAs as long as it incorporates all the key elements in the VRS template.
  • When does the "12 Months in a PBA" clock start for current participants?
    • The "12 months in a PBA" clock starts the day the Placement Plan is signed, including current participants. For example, if a current participant's PBA started 8/1/2020, then the PBA will hit 12 months on 8/1/2021.
  • What will authorizations for a General PBA and an E1 PBA look like?
    • Community Partners can expect to see new service titles to distinguish between the E1 PBA milestones and General PBA milestones on authorizations July 1 moving forward. VRS staff will not be changing authorizations for PBAs that were authorized prior to July 1 to the new service types and titles – the new service titles will be used simply moving forward.
      • General PBA Service Type and Titles
        • Service Type: Job Placement Services - General PBA
        • Service Titles:
          • 1: Signed Placement Plan Meeting ($1,330)
          • 2: Employment First Shift Completed ($1,200)
          • 3: Successful Placement Closure ($1,270)
          • *OCSS Differential ($400)
        • E1 PBA Service Type and Titles
          • Service Type: Job Placement Services - E1 PBA
          • Service Titles:
            • 1: Signed Placement Plan Meeting ($1,330)
            • E1: 120-Days of Service ($1,200)
            • 2: Employment First Shift Completed ($1,200)
            • 3: Successful Placement Closure ($1,270)
            • *OCSS Differential ($400)

PBA Resources

Training Recording and Presentation

The 6/29 PBA Training recording and PowerPoint presentation can be found on the “Training” tab on the VRS PBA webpage.


VRS has compiled your General PBA and E1PBA questions into a FAQ. It can be found on the “FAQ” tab on the  VRS PBA webpage.

If you have questions related to VRS PBAs that is not addressed in the FAQ or other resources on the VRS PBA webpage, we invite you to submit your questions using this form.

The Community Partnerships specialists are monitoring those questions and developing answers to add to the FAQ.


Questions related to E1MN that are beyond the scope of the PBAs are being answered by the E1MN Steering Committee made up of DHS, VRS, and SSB leadership and staff. Those questions and answers are being shared on an ever-growing FAQ here. If you have E1MN questions beyond the scope of the PBAs that are not addressed in the E1MN FAQ, you are invited to submit those questions to the E1MN Coffee Chat using this form.

PBA Resources

Resources are being added to the DEED-VRS Community Partners Guide website: https://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/disabilities/partners/guide/contracted-services/services/pba/. Additional webinars will cover specifics of the General and E1PBA processes.

Forms are available on the DEED-VRS website in the Community Partners Guide: https://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/disabilities/partners/guide/contracted-services/services/pba/


If you have any questions, please reach out to me or a VRS Community Partnerships Program Specialist.

My best,


Kim Babine
VRS Director of Community Partnerships