DEED-VRS/SSB_E1MN Announcement

Forwarded on behalf of our partners at the Minnesota departments of Education (MDE) and Human Services (DHS).

 E1MN Logo




Memo on the launch of E1MN

Date: Jan. 25, 2021

To: Our stakeholders

From: Natasha Merz, Director of Disability Services Division
          Dee Torgerson, Director of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
          Natasha Jerde, Director of State Services for the Blind
          Robyn Widley, Director of Special Education
          Paula Palmer, Director of Career and College Success

We are excited to introduce you to E1MN.

E1MN is the new name for our state partnership to advance Employment First outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities. Our partnership evolved from Minnesota’s Employment First policy adopted by the Olmstead Sub-cabinet in 2014.

Employment supports for people with disabilities span across multiple state agencies, which can be complicated for all involved. E1MN coordinates and brings things together for people so the system makes more sense.

E1MN is led by the State of Minnesota Departments of Education (MDE), Employment and Economic Development (DEED), and Human Services (DHS).

  • MDE – Career and Technical Education and Special Education
  • DEED – Vocational Rehabilitation Services and State Services for the Blind
  • DHS – Disability Services Division

To start we are focusing on:

  • Aligning the process and experience for people on waivers. Our agreements are captured in a MoU that provides a roadmap for our work.
  • Engaging youth and families at a young age in setting a positive trajectory for employment and independence.

Over the course of 2021, we will begin to use the logo in this memo in communications, presentations, training materials, and in an E1MN webpage on the Disability Hub MN. When people hear or see E1MN, they will know that information signifies shared efforts and agreements across DHS, DEED and MDE to make things work better for people.

To learn more about our work together you can go online to Disability Hub MN’s professional portal’s work toolkit and click on E1MN.