VRS_Correction to 7/2 Update

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Dear Community Partners,

The message sent last Thursday, July 2, had an error in the contact information noted. If you have questions regarding your P/T contract, services, rates, or completing your amendment application, please contact:

As a reminder, we have assigned each community partner to either Anne or Sara as a primary “go-to” VRS contact. A list of who is in Anne’s portfolio and Sara’s portfolio is found on the List of Community Partners. Generally, Anne will work with the providers in the Northern region and Sara will work with providers in the Southern region, and the Metro region is split between the two by provider, not geography. You can always default to contacting all three of us and we will figure out who follows up on our end.

Thank you!

My best,

Kim Babine 

Director of Community Partnerships 

Direct: 651-259-7349