VRS_Update 4/27

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Dear Community Partners, 

VR Flexibilities: Assistance with Unemployment Insurance 

In addition to the flexibilities DEED-VRS announced last week regarding PBAs, we are happy to announce additional flexibilities today. We know that many of you are supporting individuals who need assistance applying for Unemployment Insurance and requesting weekly benefits. We know this is of great importance to the individuals we serve and want to compensate you for that assistance accordingly.  


Community partners may use the 20 hours of job coaching included in a PBA if a VRS participant has been laid off or furloughed from employment due to the pandemic and they require assistance applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits and/or completing the ongoing UI reporting requirements to ensure continuation of benefits.  


If the 20 hours of job coaching included in a PBA has been provided, community partners may request that the VR counselor authorize for additional job coaching hours to provide assistance in applying for UI or requesting weekly benefits. As always, the authorization for services must be in place before services are performed. 


Community partner staff should contact the VR counselor for an individual to discuss whether job coaching hours to assist with UI is right for a particular individual. VRS RAMs are prepared to consult on cases if there are questions or concerns.  


Thank you for all you do for our communities every day, supporting our neighbors. We know each of you are balancing supporting your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, in addition to the support you provide to the people we serve. Please continue to connect with us – let us know how you’re doing and what additional support you could use. We’re in this together. 


Take good care, 



Kim Babine 

Director of Community Partnerships 

Direct: 651-259-7349