VRS_Pre-ETS Questionnaire

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Dear VRS Community Partners,

In the summer and fall of 2019, VRS asked community partners to consider providing pre-employment transition services – and several of you responded by amending your professional/technical contracts to include pre-ETS services. Visit these links to our external website for a refresh on the pre-ETS services definitions and rate structure.

We know that more providers are interested in providing pre-ETS. We also know that there is a need for providers who did add pre-ETS to their contract to clarify which services they are offering and which ones they aren’t yet ready to provide. The attached questionnaire will help us to better understand which pre-employment transition services are being offered by community providers and where there are still gaps to fill. We invite you to complete the attached questionnaire and return to Anne Paulson (anne.paulson@state.mn.us) by Friday, February 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm. Anne is also your go-to person for any questions about the questionnaire.

For community partners with pre-ETS on their contract: we know many of you have been engaged in conversations about your services with local offices. These local connections are critical and this questionnaire should not replace those conversations.

A pre-ETS representative has been hired for each VRS team across the state. If you or your staff haven’t connected with that person, please contact the local office to arrange a meeting or conversation. It is also a good time to connect with the Rehabilitation Area Manager (RAM). A list of the pre-ETS representatives and RAMs by local team is attached.

Thank you for your partnership!

My best,


Kim Babine
Director of Community Partnerships
Direct: 651-259-7349