Partner Express -January 2020

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Adult Career Pathways Updates

WorkForce One Case Management Training for Adult Career Pathways Programs

Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Coordinators is conducting WorkForce One (WF1) case management training at locations around the state in January. This training demonstrates WF1 data requirements for an ACP program participant as they proceed from enrollment through exit and review ACP policy specifics each step of the way. Attendees will learn what case management data must be entered in WF1, and how to enter it in WF1, as well as increasing their comfort working in WF1.

At this time, all locations are full except Mankato. Consider registering for the Mankato class if you feel that training would be beneficial.










West St. Paul






Academic Assessment

In order to remove barriers to participants’ receipt of services and to align assessment requirements across programs, the Office of Adult Career Pathways is adjusting its requirements for Grade Level/Academic Assessment.

Effective immediately, grantees will no longer be required to administer grade level/academic assessments at the time of enrollment. Grade level/academic assessments, (TABE, Accuplacer, CASAS, etc.) will still be required for most participants prior to enrolling in or beginning a certificate, credential, or post-secondary training. Participants who already hold a bachelor’s degree or above are excepted from this requirement and do not need to have a grade level/academic assessment.

This adjustment is reflected in DEED’s policy under “Individual Employment Plan” in the Multi-Program Administration Requirements. See “Skills Assessment” Once a participant has completed a grade level/academic assessment is completed.

If you are only providing workplace skills training such as resume writing or essential skills, an academic assessment is not required prior to training or billing.

For Pathways to Prosperity grantees, if your organization will not be administering a grade level/academic assessment prior to enrollment, remember that the grade level/academic assessment should be taken into consideration when determining which P2P model is best suited to a participants skill level and where the participant is placed in a pathway. A grade level/academic assessment will be required prior to enrollment in certificate or credential training. You must record a grade level/academic assessment for every P2P participant file within their enrollment period, even if they are only receiving workplace skills training.

Participants holding a bachelor’s degree or above are not required to have a grade level/academic assessment.

For participants who have recently taken a grade level/academic assessment, official scores can be accepted in place of administering a new assessment if they are dated within 3 months of enrollment date. For Accuplacer exams, they must be dated within the current academic term at the time of enrollment.

We highly encourage grantees to be mindful of best practices, and that a comprehensive assessment, including a grade level/academic assessment, is a key factor in guiding a participant’s IEP and service strategy.

As a reminder, for proper coding in WF1, enter the grade level determined by the assessment for both reading and math. If the person has a four-year college degree or higher or refuses to be tested, enter 88.0. If the participant has not tested and their math/reading level is obviously below the 5th grade level, enter 87.0. Use of 87 or 88 in place of an assessment must be specifically addressed in a corresponding case note.

Please contact your coordinator if you have questions or need assistance around your specific grant.

Complete RPRs Using Actual Expenses

Always complete RPRs using actual expenses and make sure those expenses are documented in WF1. Do not simply assign 1/12 of the annual budget for a cost category to each month. Coordinators verify expenses reflected on RPRs by comparing them against data entered into WF1 and will request that you provide documentation of expenses that cannot be verified against date. Monitors, too, verify that expenses are actual.

If you have any questions about how to complete an RPR, contact your program’s coordinator.

TAA Updates

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Petitions

Here’s the link to check the status of petitions with U.S. Department of Labor

  • Pending DOL’s investigation
    • 94627 – Toppan Merrill, St. Paul
    • 95096 –, St. Paul
    • 95210 – Quad Graphics, Shakopee
    • 95275 – Nestle Dreyer’s, Brooklyn Park
    • 95285 – DEE Inc., Crookston
    • 95298 – Smith & Nephew, Plymouth
    • 95306 – CenturyLink, Minneapolis
    • 95331 – Tenneco (Federal Mogul), Lake City
    • 95375 – Henkel Corp., Chanhassen
    • 95377 – Modern Tool Inc., Coon Rapids
    • 95412 – Bluestem Brands Inc., St. Cloud
    • 95423 – MNStar Technologies Inc., Grand Rapids
    • 95440 – Gerdau Ameristeel, Duluth
    • 95467 – Canadian National, Proctor
    • 95466 – Accenture, Minneapolis
  • Certified by DOL
    • 95313 – Del Monte Foods, Inc., Sleepy Eye
    • 95338 – Refinitiv US LLC, Eagan
    • 95361 – Vision Ease, LP, Ramsey
    • 94780 – Target Corporation, Minneapolis
  • Denied by DOL
    • None
  • Upcoming or recent information sessions
    • 94780 – Target Corporation (January 7)
    • 95361 – Vision Ease (January 17)

Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) was set to expire on 12/31/2019, but it was extended to 12/31/2020. This is excellent news!

Job Search, Relocation, RTAA Reminder

Please remind customers (especially the December graduates) about the Job Search Allowance, Relocation Allowance, and RTAA benefits available. See the applications on the counselor portal for more details and deadlines. Send all applications to

Federal Mileage Rate in 2020

The IRS announced the mileage rate for 2020 and it is 57.5 cents per mile. This is slightly lower than 2019 ($0.58). TAA is updating the transportation bi-weekly forms to reflect this new rate; please help explain the difference if customers ask questions, or have them contact their assigned TAA Specialist.

Computers and Tools

Computers and tools will be ordered the first week of classes for any TAA customers who require either. If a computer is required for their courses, they should find another option (library, computer lab) until their computer arrives.

Fall Roundtables

We’ve wrapped up the 2019 Fall Roundtable Tour by reviewing the surveys many of you completed. Thank you for the constructive feedback so we can improve and continue the great partnership!

Resources and Roundtable materials are available on the Counselor Portal:

Topics you’d like addressed?

The Partner Express is a resource designed with you in mind. If you have suggestions on topics you’d like TAA to address, please let us know! We are here to help: or call 651-259-7543. Applications, news, resources, and forms are available on the Counselor Portal: