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Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Please contact your regional analyst for more information.

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TWIN CITIES: Five industries have significant location quotients in the Metro Area when compared to state employment: Management of Companies; Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Finance and Insurance; Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing; and Arts and Recreation. 

CENTRAL MINNESOTA: The Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications career cluster contains roughly 2,000 jobs in Central Minnesota and has five career pathways. The key to being successful in any of these fields is research and exploration to find the best fit for a person's skills, natural abilities, and passion.

NORTHEAST MINNESOTA: DEED’s Job Vacancy Survey shows an increase of vacancies in the Arrowhead for the 4th quarter of 2018 from previous fourth quarters. With 8,110 job vacancies posted by employers in the region, the number of job vacancies now outnumber the unemployed. The current ratio of 0.7 job seekers per job vacancy is the lowest ever recorded in the 4th quarter in the region – an indication of a very tight labor market.

NORTHWEST MINNESOTA: The region’s list of occupations with the highest location quotients contain obvious areas of strength such as agriculture, forestry, and natural resources, but also some surprises. For example, Northwest Minnesota has a strong concentration of protective service workers, and several production occupations also make the list due to the region’s unique manufacturing base.

SOUTHEAST MINNESOTA: Architecture and engineering occupations are not a major player in the Southeast region, making up only 1.4 percent of the total employment across all occupations. However, these small employment numbers do not negate the importance and value of architecture and engineering careers.

SOUTHWEST MINNESOTA: After posting a record 12,355 job openings during the second quarter last year, Southwest Minnesota also hit a new fourth quarter peak with 10,281 job vacancies in 2018. The recent release showed that vacancies jumped 37 percent over the previous year, a gain of nearly 2,800 net new job openings. In the more than 15 years that DEED has been conducting the Job Vacancy Survey, there have never been more job postings in the region than there are right now!