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I’m pleased to share dates for upcoming Minnesota Customized Employment (MN-CE) trainings through 2020. The MN-CE training was developed by a team of DEED-VRS & DHS MSOCS practitioners of Customized Employment that utilized the Essential Elements of Customized Employment for Universal Application as its foundation. http://www.leadcenter.org/resources/tool-manual/essential-elements-customized-employment-universal-application This is ACRE certified training.


Many of you have indicated an interest in upcoming MN-CE Training cohorts. I am pleased to share with you dates for these cohorts through 2020. The training spans 14 weeks and students will complete a CE-Discovery process with a CE-Job Seeker and start Job Development. We anticipate the cost to attend the training will be 725.00 per person.


2019 Dates:

Cohort 3:

July 9th

July 30th

August 27th

Sept 24th

October 29th and 30th


Cohort 4:

July 16th

August 6th

September 5th

October 1st

November 5th and 6th


2020 Dates:

Cohort 5 & 6

January—May 2020


Cohort 7 & 8

July – November 2020


If your organization is interested in attending the MN-CE Training, please send an email to vrs.customerservice@state.mn.us by Friday, April 26th and let us know the following:

  • Organization (CRP, LUV, School District, VRS)
  • Region (Northern, Central, Metro, Southern MN)
  • Number of attendees your agency would like to attend (Please indicate each attendee as Student or Auditor)
  • Which cohort(s) preferred


(Please note: Students are typically Placement Professionals or Work Coordinators who work directly with the CE-Job Seeker throughout the CE Discovery & Job Placement process. Auditors are typically Managers of Placement staff, VRS Counselors, RAMS or Special Education leadership).


I will be sending out a .govdelivery message in early May announcing the locations of the MN CE Training, space available for each cohort as well as key messaging regarding the MN-CE Training, reporting/invoicing for CE-Discovery services, VRS’ Competency Review process and other related topics.


Thank you,


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