Local Look blogs: Manufacturing Month

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Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Please contact your regional analyst for more information.  

Twin Cities MetroWith 4,081 establishments supplying 169,598 jobs, manufacturing continues to be a vital industry within the seven-county metro area. Manufacturing provides just about one in every ten jobs, making it the region’s second largest-employing industry, behind health care and social assistance.

Central MinnesotaCentral Minnesota has 9.6 percent of total employment in the state, but 13 percent of the manufacturing jobs. More impressively, the region is home to over 28 percent of the state’s furniture and related product manufacturing employment – which includes kitchen cabinets; about 24 percent of the state’s jobs in transportation equipment manufacturing and paper manufacturing; and 22 percent of the statewide employment in nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing – which includes granite countertops

Northeast MinnesotaThe Arrowhead region has the lowest concentration of manufacturing employment in the state, with only 5.9 percent of total jobs in manufacturing, but workers bring home a bigger paycheck. The average annual wage for a manufacturing job is $58,708 – more than $15,500 higher than the regional average annual wage. Paper manufacturing has the highest wages at $81,900, which is nearly twice as much as the average wage across all industries in the region.

Northwest Minnesota: Northwest Minnesota’s economy had substantial job growth from 2012-2017, with the addition of 1,432 manufacturing jobs. That is the highest number of jobs gained of any regional industry over the last five years – accounting for 13.5 percent of total regional growth.

Southeast Minnesota: With 38,177 jobs at 677 establishments, manufacturing is the second largest employing industry in the 11-county Southeast region, behind health care and social assistance. Though food manufacturing is the largest subsector, the manufacturing industry is very diverse in the region.

Southwest MinnesotaSouthwest is the only region in the state where manufacturing is still the largest employing industry, and with about $1.6 billion in total payroll in 2017, it is also the largest industry in terms of payroll. Average annual wages in manufacturing were $50,544 in 2017, which was over $10,000 and 25 percent higher than the total of all industries

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