Local Look blogs: Labor Force Participation

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Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Please contact your regional analyst for more information.  

Twin Cities MetroThe unemployment rate is one of the most popular pieces of information released from DEED’s Labor Market Information Office. You might hear it from your local news station, read about it in the newspaper, or see an official release. If you are an employer, you are probably keeping an eye on the unemployment rate in different areas to get a sense of where available workers may be. If you are a job seeker, you may notice more opportunities for work as the unemployment rate drops. 

Central MinnesotaTruck driving is not only a career in high demand, it’s also incredibly important. Virtually every facet of our life depends on truck drivers to transport goods. And while autonomous vehicles currently exist, truck driving occupations aren’t disappearing anytime soon

Northeast MinnesotaThe labor force participation rate is a useful measure of economic activity. However, because of how it’s calculated, it’s important to be aware of how an older population can skew this statistic. The labor force participation rate includes the total number of people who are currently employed or actively seeking work, and does not include those who are not participating in the labor force. The measure is often referenced with the unemployment rate as an indicator of the health of the economy.

Northwest Minnesota: The tight labor market in Greater Minnesota is leading to high demand for workers in both skilled and unskilled positions. To address this need, Central Lakes College (CLC), located in Brainerd and Staples, is working with surrounding communities and employers to train and place workers from all backgrounds. From recent high school graduates to those making a career transition, the programs at CLC are putting people to work at a high rate, and doing so in leading regional industries.

Southeast Minnesota: Legal occupations make up a minimal percentage of all employment in Southeast Minnesota, currently accounting for just 0.3 percent of all jobs in the region.  Nonetheless, it is an important occupational group with a wide variety of specialties working to ensure that justice is served.

Southwest MinnesotaDespite the record number of job openings in the region, not every job seeker wants to work for someone else. Instead, many people dream of being their own boss – and self-employment often becomes more attractive in a strong economy. With so many sectors of the economy expanding, a wide variety of people have decided to strike out on their own or supplement their regular job with a side hustle