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Local Look Blog

Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Please contact your regional analyst for more information. 

Central Minnesota: For people looking to make a lasting impact in the lives of future generations, Central Minnesota has ample opportunities with over 13,500 special education, pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school teaching jobs. Adding in substitute teachers, teacher assistants, adult basic education and post-secondary teachers, and the total number of teaching jobs tops 23,000!

Twin Cities Metro:  One of DEED’s most exciting and useful data resources reveals how Minnesota college graduates are doing in the state’s labor market after completing their programs. The Graduate Employment Outcomes – GEO – tool can be found online at mn.gov/deed/geo.

Northeast Minnesota: People interested in hard-working, high-paying opportunities might be interested in exploring the construction field. There is a large amount of information available on these careers, and a growing number of employers engaged in getting the message out to students and job seekers in the region. 

Northwest Minnesota: As the weather warms up, many workers are ready to trade winter hats and boots for hard hats and tool belts. Once spring starts, so does construction season – and construction employers have a major impact in Northwest Minnesota. 

Southeast MinnesotaSubstance abuse often carries a stigma leaving many people feeling ashamed and fearful of being judged. These feelings may hinder individuals from asking for help or getting out-patient or in-patient treatment. There is help available for Southeast Minnesota residents living with these afflictions. Organizations in the region employ approximately 320 substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors and 180 mental health and substance abuse social workers.

Southwest Minnesota: Blessed with some of the best farmland in the entire United States, Southwest Minnesota is a major agriculture producer. In fact, agriculture is one of the most important industries in the region, with more than 19,000 farms producing nearly $8.4 billion in the market value of products sold in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.