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Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Please contact your regional analyst for more information. 

Central Minnesota: Jobs at fitness and recreation establishments bulge in the first and fourth quarter of each year as people recycle their resolutions to get healthy.

Twin Cities Metro: Anoka County is a manufacturing powerhouse, with 581 manufacturing establishments supplying nearly 23,000 jobs. Manufacturing represents about one in five jobs there. Statewide, manufacturing makes up about one in nine jobs.

Northeast Minnesota: The median hourly wage for all occupations in Northeast may be $16.61, but here's the reality: Of the top 10 occupations by employment, only Registered Nurses have a median hourly wage greater than the median wage for all occupations. 

Northwest Minnesota: Northwest Minnesota is a resilient rural region, attracting a number of residents in their thirties and early forties. If millennials in this age range migrate to Northwest like the generation before them, their relative density would bump up in-migration and bolster the regional population and workforce.

Southeast MinnesotaMany jobs make winter driving possible: truck, delivery, bus, and taxi drivers; automotive service technicians and mechanics; diesel engine specialists; and highway maintenance workers to name a few.

Southwest Minnesota: Like the region’s recently harvested crops and livestock, manufacturing jobs are plentiful in Southwest Minnesota. With just under 31,000 jobs at 601 firms, manufacturing provides more than one in every six jobs in the region, the only region in the state where manufacturing still provides more jobs than health care.