MN Transition Coalition News - July 24, 2023

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“Our commitment is to engage with community partners to increase access to resources, programs and services that people impacted by incarceration may need in order to thrive in communities and reduce individual risk.”    – Kelley Heifort, DOC Director of Reentry Services



Legislative Recap

Jul 25, 2023 05:00 PM - ZOOM

Join us for a comprehensive recap of everything that happened in Minnesota's 2023 Legislative Session related to mental health. Learn about all the new laws that passed, what remains on the agenda for 2024, and how you can be involved in building Minnesota's mental health system.

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RCN Dates

Attorney Michael Vraa will be presenting in person on Tuesday October 10th

New landlord/tenant laws going into effect on January 1, 2024

The session will be two hours, including ample time for questions and answers.
This speech will cover the key new items signed into law this May including:
1. Pre-eviction warning requirements for non-payment of rent cases
2. Expanded eviction expungements
3. Ban on hidden fees in leases
4. Changes to when a landlord can enter a rental unit
5. A tenant can break their lease for some medical conditions
6. A statewide minimum heat code
7. List of emergency repairs expanded
8. De-clawing rules and de-vocalization rules changes
9. Limits to very early lease renewals
10. Inspections for security deposit rules changes
11. Right to Council in public housing cases
12. Rules about cannabis in rental housing

For more information contact Barbara Johnson, Program Officer, Northwest Continuum of Care Coordinator, 800-659-7859

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