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Two-Minute Training

Online Etiquette


As meetings and trainings continue to use online platforms, it is important to remember a few guidelines for participating in virtual events:


  • Log in a few minutes early. This provides time before the session in case you need any assistance with logging in or audio connection.
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking. Being muted eliminates background noise such as other voices near you, pets, phone ringing, typing, etc.
  • Use the chat box to discuss the topic at hand. Once the session has started, limit your use of the chat box to the topic being discussed to eliminate clutter and enhance your ability to follow the content and conversation.
  • Participate when invited. Participating at times when the trainer asks for participant engagement helps support your retention of the information.


Technical Training & Certification Program Updates

Technical Training & Certification Program Logo

What happens with my IDP training needs?


IDP Training Needs - Looking Behind the Curtain

Do you ever wonder, “what happens to my training needs once I put them in my Individual Development Plan?”


If so, we want you to join us for a look behind the curtain! TTCP is hosting a Tech Talk on Monday, December 21st, at 1:00 pm, to discuss how IDP data is used to determine trainings that will be offered. From a raw spreadsheet to tables and maps that help determine training priorities and locations, you will receive insight into the entire process from beginning to end. You will also learn about the role that Area Technical Training Teams play in the training partnership. Managers – learn how to look up employee training needs to use for employee development and performance review discussions. Employees – learn how to find mentors or OJT help by searching for other employees near you that already have JAA. Please bring your questions, concerns and discussion points to this session – we welcome and value your input!


More information about Tech Talks, including a link to this session, can be found on the Training Calendar.


Core Competency Training


MN C3 Minnesota - Core Competency Conservation Training

The Core Competencies are the foundational knowledge of soil and water conservation. During the development of the Technical Training and Certification Strategy, MASWCD, MACDE, BWSR, and NRCS endorsed these foundational competencies for all staff, regardless of position:


  • Soils
  • Water Quality
  • Conservation Planning


Over the last several years TTCP has been working to develop these Core Competency trainings. There are still a few bolts to tighten and some chrome to polish, but around half of the modules are now available.


A new website, MNC3, has been developed and is dedicated to hosting these modules. This site allows users to access trainings and track progress. Once you’ve completed a training module, both you and your supervisor will be provided with a certificate of completion.


More information, including module titles, links to the site, and regular updates to module availability, can be found on the TTCP’s Core Competency page on the BWSR website.


Technical Training and Certification Strategy Implementation Evaluation


Throughout 2020 the Technical Training and Certification Program has been evaluating the implementation of the Technical Training and Certification Strategy. A survey that was distributed to all NRCS, SWCD, and MASWCD employees in April, 2020, and the feedback received was a significant source of information regarding implementation of the strategy. The results of this survey, and other sources of data, were used to evaluate where the program is on track and where additional efforts are needed. If you are interested in seeing the results, the Technical Training and Certification Program 2015-2020 Implementation Evaluation Report is available on the BWSR website. The information from the evaluation will also be used to develop an updated Technical Training and Certification Strategy.


Upcoming Training Events

Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program

Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program


The MWPCP will be offering some online training videos and/or webinars on wetlands and wetland regulation in December of this year. When finalized, the date and content of training will be posted on the MWPCP webpage and the BWSR training calendar.


Technical Training & Certification Program Events


Tech Talk Webinars:  Mondays at 1:00 pm

Dec 21 2020 Individual Development Plan (IDP) Results
Jan 4 Why do I need to run HEC-HMS or HydroCAD?
Jan 11 Prescribed Grazing (CPS528) and CSP 528 Enhancements
Jan 25 Construction Inspection: Materials


Related Partner Training Opportunities




Jan 14

IPM and Regenerative Ag, American Society of Agronomy

Jan 19

Soil Health Economics, Soil Science Society of America, Webinar





Feb 11

Cover Crops and IPM, American Society of Agronomy





Mar 4

Pest Control Toolkit Preservation, American Society of Agronomy





Apr 8

Pest Management, Agricultural Sustainability, and Consumer Trends, American Society of Agronomy



Extended Offering

Nov 5, 2020


Jun 16, 2021

Culvert Design for Stream Connectivity and Aquatic Organism Passage, UMN Extension and MNDOT, Self-Paced and Webinar

Learn on Your Own

Not all training takes place in a classroom. Check out the links below to learn at a time and place of your choosing.


We’ve also put together a searchable library of recorded modules, webinars, videos and other resources to help our staff and partners find professional development information on a variety of topics. You can visit BWSR's Online Learning page to find web-based technical training resources sorted by category.




Program Contacts

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