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Registration open for 2020 Online BWSR Academy


BWSR is excited to announce that registration is now OPEN for the 2020 Online BWSR Academy. The Online Academy will be held via WebEx October 27th- 29th. Sessions will be limited to the mornings. Registration will close on October 9th. More information, including the registration form, can be found on the BWSR Academy Page.


A couple of important items:

  • No registration fees in 2020 (but you still need to register!) Registration is required so we can provide information to our trainers about session size, contact attendees with updates, and provide handouts and other materials prior to Academy.
  • Reduced schedule. We did this for two reasons:
    • We want to ensure that trainers and attendees have a hassle-free experience, and fewer sessions means we can offer better technical support.
    • We want to avoid headset dents, glazed eyes and numb toes for our attendees, so we are limiting training sessions to the morning.

The 2020 Online BWSR Academy will continue to provide:

  • High Quality Training: We are working with each trainer make sure attendees have the same interactive training experience they’ve come to expect from Academy. “Hands-on” might look a little different this year – but we’re learning to adapt.
  • Relevant Sessions: Online delivery won’t deter us from offering Academy sessions that are directly applicable to LGU work back home.

We hope you’ll join us for the 2020 Online BWSR Academy! If you have questions, please contact Barbara Radke at


Technical Training & Certification Program Updates

Technical Training & Certification Program Logo

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Calling all technical staff!

The 2020 Individual Develop Plans (IDPs) are here, and we want to know:

  • What skills or knowledge do you need to improve your job performance?
  • What conservation practices do you need to able to plan, design, and install?
  • What certifications or credentials are you looking for?

The IDP tool was developed to collect this information, which we use to make statewide training delivery decisions. You can ensure your training needs will be considered during this decision-making process by completing your IDP.


What do you need to do? If you don’t have one already, the first step is to request an eLINK account. If you are new to IDPs, or if you would like a refresher, check out some of the training resources available in the IDP Page or User Guidance.


Managers should review the accuracy of their staff listed in eLINK, and report any errors to eLINK Support. In addition, managers should enter or update their organization’s priority resource concerns and practices.


Employees with technical responsibilities should review their organization’s priority resource concerns and practices to help determine and prioritize their technical training needs. Consider your workload and how much time you can devote to training. We ask that you only enter the priority needs for trainings you will be able to attend in the next 12 months.


Need further assistance? We are offering virtual office hours specifically to help you submit a completed IDP.

Upcoming Training Events

Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program


    Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program



All 2020 training classes and exams have been cancelled, and the certification renewal period extended.


BWSR and the Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program (MWPCP) have cancelled all in-person classes and exams for 2020 due to COVID-19. As of now, we are not planning to reschedule or otherwise conduct any in-person training classes in 2020.


All MWPCP-certified (professional or in-training) individuals are now certified until December 31, 2023. This extension allows for an additional year to obtain credits for certification renewal.


The MWPCP will be developing and offering virtual/online learning opportunities this fall/winter. We will inform everyone when those opportunities become available.


More information and answers to questions you might have can be found on the MWPCP webpage.


BWSR Training

Oct 27-29

2020 Online BWSR Academy, BWSR


Technical Training & Certification Program Events

Tech Talk Webinars: Every Monday at 1:00 pm (and Some Mondays at 9:00 am)

September 14 at 9:00 Filter Strips - Part 1
September 14 at 1:00 Filter Strips - Part 2
September 21 at 9:00 Trends in Restoring Resilient Landscapes
September 21 at 1:00 Construction Inspection
September 28 at 1:00 Agriculture and Water Quality
October 5 at 1:00 Concrete Specifications, Inspection, and Cold Weather Considerations


Related Partner Training Opportunities



Sept 15

Foundations of Forest Wildlife Habitat Management #5, USFWS, Webinar

Sept 17

Measures of Soil Nitrogen Cycling, Soil Science Society of America, Webinar





Oct 15

Construction Dewatering Workshop, MECA, Virtual

Oct 20-21

Minnesota Water Resources Conference, U of MN, online





Nov 17

Practical Measures of the Soil Microbiome, Soil Science Society of America, Webinar






MASWCD Annual Convention and Trade Show, MASWCD, Virtual/Online

Dec 8

Standard Measurements for Soil Health, Soil Science Society of America, Webinar





Jan 19

Soil Health Economics, Soil Science Society of America, Webinar


Learn on Your Own

Not all training takes place in a classroom. We’ve also put together a searchable library of recorded modules, webinars, videos and other resources to help our staff and partners find professional development information on a variety of topics. You can visit BWSR's Online Learning page to find web-based technical training resources sorted by category.



Program Contacts

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