MiSSG Upgrades & Enhancements

MI Student Aid Early Awareness

MI Student Aid is excited to announce a renewed effort in the area of early awareness for MI Student Aid programs, especially the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP).  TIP is a high value and high impact grant program for Michigan students seeking higher education in Michigan.

MiSSG System Upgrade

To support early awareness efforts across Michigan, a significant upgrade of information within the MiSSG system occurred in early March and the system now reflects many TIP records for your freshmen, sophomore, and junior level students, as well as some additional senior level records.

Notifying TIP Eligible Students

We recognize there are only a few more weeks in the school year and your schedules are already packed, but if you’re able to spare some time we encourage you to provide your sophomores and juniors with a TIP eligibility reminder letter this spring or plan ahead for this activity early in the next academic year.

  • Please log into MiSSG (https://missg.guarantorsolutions.com/applicationsignon/signon.aspx )
  • Select the ‘High School’ tab from the main menu
  • Select the ‘Print TIP Qualifiers (9th-12th Grade)
    • Select PrintTIPstudents and a download of all current 9th-12th Grade TIP eligible students at your high school can then be opened in a spreadsheet and filtered by graduation year as needed.
    • A TIP eligibility template letter is provided within MiSSG by first clicking the check box acknowledgement and then opening the link for ‘Letter for TIP Qualifying Students.’


TIP Resources

  • It may be helpful to offer students a TIP flyer as well (link and order form below).


Get A Digital Copy here or order hard copies at Publications (michigan.gov).