High School Completion Requirements

High School Completion Requirements

As a reminder the following programs require proof of high school completion:

  • MCS*
  • MTG*
  • TIP

*The High School Completion Substitution Form may be used by the institution for MCS and MTG students who have not met the high school completion requirement.

High School Graduation Requirements Confirmed by CEPI

Recently, MiSSG received updated high school graduation data from CEPI. The high school graduation completion information may be confirmed in the Student Information section of MiSSG. If the ‘HS Grad Confirmed by CEPI’ indicates “Yes,” this can be used as documentation for a program review. If the status is “No” or blank, the institution must provide proof of high school completion. The ‘HS Grad Confirmed by CEPI’ information can also be found on the ‘Eligible Students Report’ and ‘Information Roster.’


The State Programs Procedures Manual has been updated to include this information.