F4F and Reconnect Important Update - Response Needed by Sept. 16

Reporting Eligible – No Reimbursement Students for Academic Year 2020-21

For the Futures for Frontliners Scholarship (F4F) and Michigan Reconnect Scholarship (Reconnect), institutions were required to utilize the request reimbursement process to report students who met the eligibility requirements for the award, but were unable to receive a reimbursement due to other aid.

We realize some institutions may have missed reporting many of their students. It is critical that these students are reported to continue to meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.

We have worked with our vendor to identify a temporary solution for Academic Year 2020-21.

Please complete the attached spreadsheet per program and include the following fields:

  • MiSSG ID
  • Term
  • Number of Credits

For students who were eligible for more than one term for no reimbursement, they will need to be listed for each term eligible. 

The file must be submitted to Nancy Vaughn, vaughnn@michigan.gov no later than 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 16, 2021. Please note, if a student is not reported and a file is not received by the deadline, the student’s eligibility will be impacted and may result in them not receiving an award in the future.

When submitting your file, please save each file with your institution name and program name.

For questions, please contact Nancy Vaughn at vaughnn@michigan.gov or 517-335-7408.