Canvassers falsely claiming to be affiliated with Ottawa County

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February 16, 2022

Canvassers falsely claiming to be affiliated with Ottawa County

West Olive - The Ottawa County Clerk’s Office has received inquiries from residents who have been visited at their homes by individuals claiming to be county employees and seeking to verify residents’ voter information and voting history. These individuals are not associated with Ottawa County or any municipal entity, and residents are not required to answer questions or provide information to any individuals or third-party organizations in this manner.

While certain voter information, such as name, address and voting history, is public under Michigan law and can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, voter’s private information such as date of birth or State ID/Driver License information is never released by election officials.

“We will always protect our voters’ private information, and no third-party has access to change voter records in our system,” said Ottawa County Clerk, Justin Roebuck.  “Residents should ask to see identification for anyone purporting to be an election official and should not disclose any information if they are uncomfortable doing so.”

If residents have any questions regarding their voter information or would like to discuss a similar incident, please contact the Ottawa County Elections Division at: (616) 994-4535.  To report any incidents of intimidation or coercion, contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department at: (616) 738-4000.