"The Road" Newsletter -- November 2021

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OCRC selected for FY '24 bridge funding

Byron Road Bridge Weight Limit Sign

The future once again looks bright for funding for several planned Ottawa County Road Commission bridge projects.

The Grand Region Local Bridge
Council under the Michigan
Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Local Bridge Program met in October
to review the Fiscal Year 2024
applications for bridge replacement,
rehabilitation, and preventative maintenance.

Applications in the region totaled more than $28 million, with only $5 million available for the council to distribute under this program in this region out of the $40 million available statewide.

Based on the decision of the Local Bridge Council, the Ottawa County Road Commission received
funding for the following projects in Fiscal Year 2024 from the MDOT Local Bridge Program:

  • Hayes Street over Sand Creek Tributary. This is a rehabilitation project in Wright/Tallmadge Township.
  • 48th Ave. 1/4 mile north of Roosevelt St. in Wright Township. This is replacement project.
  • Cleveland St. over Crockery Creek overflow in Crockery Twp. This is a replacement project.

The Local Bridge Program is a major source of funding for local bridge projects.

Applications are submitted each year for possible funding. Applications are reviewed based on bridge rating and condition, the impacted area, detour route, and other social and economic factors.

Be sure to keep your eye out for more information on these projects in the coming years as the estimated project dates move closer.

Road Commission participates in APWA Roadeo

Snow Plow Roadeo

OCRC drivers once again had the chance to compete in the American Public Works Association Snow Plow Roadeo, which took place last month in the City of Wyoming.

The highlight of the competition is the Roadeo's truck
obstacle course.

The OCRC's competitors at this year's event include the following teams representing our local maintenance facilities:

Grand Haven:
Cliff Kozminski
Don Merenger

Grand Haven:
Ian Foltz
John Gappa

North Holland:
Zach Neumann
Richard Powers 

Travis Kort
Tim Nagelkirk

The Roadeo's snowplow obstacle course is designed to simulate actual snowplowing operations. Drivers are timed and scored for accuracy, safety and speed.

The competition -- which also includes an educational component -- requires each team member to complete the course independently and the scores are combined for a team total.

The OCRC is proud of all of our teams' and drivers' accomplishments at this year's Roadeo!

OCRC recognizes Marty Januska as Employee of the Quarter

Employee of Quarter Januska

OCRC Board Member Tom Elhart poses with Employee of the Quarter recipient Marty Januska on Oct. 21, 2021.

The Ottawa County Road Commission is pleased to name Marty Januska from the Grand Haven and Coopersville maintenance facilities as the Employee of the Quarter recipient for the July-September 2021 period.

Marty was nominated for Employee of the Quarter by several employees for his willingness to perform his assigned tasks and take on anything else that may or may not be asked of him, always making himself available to help wherever it is needed.

Marty was also recognized for never having a bad word to say about anything, and always being in a good mood!

In fact, Marty is always walking around the office, maintenance facilities and facility grounds with a smile on his face and has a friendly demeaner wherever he goes.

The OCRC appreciates Marty for all of his hard work, and his dedication for making sure that the Coopersville and Grand Haven facilities are maintained and looking good for both employees and the public.

Remember to watch for deer this season!

Deer safety

Did you know that each year, there are nearly 50,000 reported vehicle-deer crashes in Michigan?

About 80 percent of these crashes occur on two-lane roads between dusk and dawn. The most serious crashes occur when motorists swerve to avoid a deer and hit another vehicle or a fixed object, or when their vehicle rolls over.

Here are some tips to avoid a crash:

  • Stay aware, awake, and sober.
  • Vehicle-deer crashes occur year-round, but be especially alert in spring and fall.
  • Deer are herd animals and frequently travel in single file. If you see one deer cross the road, chances are there are more waiting.
  • Be alert for deer, especially at dawn and dusk. If you see one, slow down.
  • Don't rely on gimmicks, flashing your high-beam headlights or honking your horn to deter deer.

If a crash is unavoidable:

  • Don't swerve. Brake firmly, hold onto the steering wheel, and bring your vehicle to a controlled stop.
  • Pull off the road, turn on your emergency flashers, and be cautious of other traffic if you exit your vehicle.
  • Report the crash to the nearest police agency and your insurance company.

Remember to buckle up, as seat belts are motorists' best defense in the event of a crash.