Updated 2021 Small Steps preparation file with names now available

State of Michigan Employees Retirement System - For Employers

The Office of Retirement Services received many requests to include names on the Small Steps campaign file. We heard you and have provided a new list that includes first and last names of individuals that are included in the campaign.

This is a comprehensive list of employees with a Defined Contribution (DC) component for your review that is now available on the File Transfer Services (FTS) website — see downloading instructions below. Using the list you received, please complete the following in preparation for the campaign. Note: the deferral rates on your list are as of 11/16/2020. The list you are receiving is not final and is for reference only. 

  1. Begin to clean up your feedback file before the Small Steps campaign begins. For instructions on how to do that, refer to the Reporting Instruction Manual (RIM) section 7.21.06: View DC Feedback File.
  2. Complete a Detail 4 termination record for each employee you may have found on the list that no longer works for your reporting unit. Refer to the RIM, section 7.21.07: DTL4 for Terminated DC/PHF Participant for instructions about adding the required DTL4 record.

Employees in the Pension Plus plan, Pension Plus 2 plan, Defined Contribution (DC) plan, and Personal Healthcare Fund who are not contributing at least 15% to their State of Michigan 457 Plan received the following mailer from Voya Financial regarding their contribution rates.

A final comprehensive list of employees with a DC component will be sent on the View DC Feedback File at end of February.

FTS File Download Instructions:

  1. Log into the FTS site.
  2. The Available link will show all messages available.
  3. Locate the filename SMLSTEPS.
  4. Click the box(es) next to the file(s) you want to download.
  5. Click the Download As Binary link.
  6. A File Download dialog will open. Navigate to the location where you want to store the file.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Open the folder where you chose to save the file in step 7.
  9. Double-click the file to open.

Refer to the RIM chapter 14: Final Transfer Service (FTS) Guide for more information. Not all computer systems are the same; if you are unable to access the files, please try a different web browser or contact your IT personnel for assistance.

Important: FTS files that have not been downloaded are available for only 14 days from the date of this communication. Files that have been downloaded are available on the Downloaded Messages tab for only four days from the date of download. If you have any questions related to reporting, email Employer Reporting at ORS_Web_Reporting@michigan.gov.