Change in Process for UAAL Rate Stabilization Invoices

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

Change in Process for UAAL Rate Stabilization Invoices

ORS has automated the process of providing the UAAL rate stabilization invoice. You will still be notified by email, but the email sender will be rather than

In addition, the invoice itself will appear as a file on the Employer Reporting website, not sent via FTS for you to retrieve. The invoice will appear on the Employer Statement screen under Invoice History:

Invoice History page

On your Pay Cycle Statement, the Rate Stabilization amount will appear under a new section called “Additional Retirement Contributions.” See the screenshot below. The new section will appear in October on your first available Pay Cycle Statement. Payment for your reporting unit's Rate Stabilization will be due on the payment due date of the pay cycle statement it is invoiced on. The process for submitting your payment for Rate Stabilization has not changed. 

Pay Cycle Statement with Additional Retirement Contributions highlighted

If you have questions, contact or 517-636-0166.