MPSERS UAAL Rate Stabilization Invoice - May 2018

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - News for Employers

The May 2018 MPSERS UAAL Rate Stabilization invoices are now available on the File Transfer Service (FTS) website.

The due date for this monthly invoice now varies each month based on your pay cycle end date. Please make note of the due date shown on the invoice each month and submit your payment on time to avoid a late fee. 

Please follow the instructions below to retrieve a copy for each reporting unit you support. 

If you need further assistance, contact ORS Employer Reporting at or 517‑636‑0166. 

 FTS File Download Instructions: 

 1.  Go to the FTS site at
 2.  Log in.
 3.  The Available link will show all Messages available.
 4.  Locate the filename MAYUAAL.
 5.  Click the box(es) next to the file(s) you want to download.
 6.  Click the Download As Binary link.
 7.  A File Download dialog will open. Navigate to the location where you want to store the file.
 8.  Click the Save button.
 9.  Open the folder where you chose to save the file in step 7.
10. Double-click the file to open.

Refer to the Reporting Instruction Manual - Chapter 14: FTS Guide for more information. Not all computer systems are the same; if you are unable to access the files, please try a different web browser or contact your IT personnel for assistance.

IMPORTANT: FTS files that have not been downloaded are available for only 14 days from the date of this communication. Files that have been downloaded are available on the Downloaded Messages tab for only four days from the date of download.

NOTE: Please keep your contacts current in the Employer Reporting website to ensure the appropriate staff is receiving this notification.