Accurate SSNs are critical (with correct telephone number)

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

Earlier today you received the email message below, but the phone number for ORS Employer Reporting was wrong. It has been corrected below. 


Accurate SSNs are critical

Using an accurate social security number on a DTL1-Member Demographic record, or when using the Member Benefit Plans screen, is vital to reporting accurately. If possible, request to see a copy of the employee’s social security card before completing data for payroll reporting purposes. Key the number carefully to prevent wages and contributions from posting under a wrong SSN.

An inaccurate SSN not only causes problems for the employee at tax time, it requires corrections to reported wages and contributions that cost time and effort for your reporting unit, ORS, and Voya.

If you discover an SSN error on a record that has been submitted and posted, contact ORS before making any corrections. Call ORS at 517-636-0166 and provide the employee’s full name, correct SSN and incorrect SSN. Email is not a secure means to share personally identifiable information such as SSNs, so please do not send any SSNs through email.