Action Required: View DC Feedback File

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

December 19, 2017

With the opportunity for your employees to opt out of the Small Steps campaign ending on December 17, the DC Feedback File that reflects the changes will be available for you on December 27. This file is where you will know which employees require changes to their reported Defined Contribution (DC) and Personal Healthcare Fund (PHF) deferral amounts.

On Wednesday, December 27, log into the Reporting Website and click on the View DC Feedback File link. Once there, use the feedback file received on 12/27/2017 to make the necessary updates. Refer to the Reporting Instruction Manual – 7.21.06: View DC Feedback for more information.

Please note: Ensure you update your own payroll system to reflect the increased contributions for those employees affected by the Small Steps campaign. If not, you could potentially run the risk of not withholding the amount of contributions that will be owed to ORS on your next full pay period end date after December 27.

Finally, report those changes on the Detail 4 record using the Effective Report End Date displayed on the View DC Feedback File page.

If you need further assistance, contact ORS Employer Reporting at or 517 636 0166.