ORS audit of DTL4 records and new form for submitting DTL4 adjustments

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

ORS audit of DTL4 records and new form for submitting DTL4 adjustments 

The Office of Retirement Services (ORS) recently performed an audit on all DTL4 records submitted for pay periods of July 2010 – October 2015. This audit included regular contribution records as well as positive and negative adjustment DTL4 records.

ORS reviewed wages, contribution dollar amounts, and contribution percentage amounts reported on the DTL4 records, matching them against DC Feedback File percentages, contribution effective dates, and employee benefit plans to determine if the correct amounts were reported to ORS.

If the employee was reported correctly, no action was taken. If ORS determined that employee and/or employer contributions were reported incorrectly, ORS made corrective adjustments. The employee will receive a letter from ORS explaining that errors were found in DC or PHF contributions to their State of Michigan 401(k) and 457 Plans, and notifying them that an adjustment was made to their account.

These errors fell into the following categories:

  • Under-reported or over-reported employer contributions only.
  • Under-reported employee contributions only. (No action was taken on accounts where employee contributions were over-reported.)
  • Combinations of under-reported and over-reported employer and employee contributions.

No action is required from your reporting unit for DTL4 records prior to October 2015. ORS made the corrective actions and used funds in the forfeiture account to correct employee 401(k) accounts. If an employee contacts you with questions after they receive a letter from ORS, please direct the employee to contact Voya Financial® at 8007486128.

Note: As a result of this audit, employers will be unable to make any online adjustments to a DTL4 dated prior to October 2015; an adjustment DTL4 record for this time frame will suspend if included on a payroll report. If an adjustment is needed, complete and submit the new Request for Adjusting DLT4 Records Prior to October 2015 (R3490C) form to ORS, available on the Employer Information website under Reporting Forms. ORS will review the adjustment request.

If you have any questions, please contact ORS_Web_Reporting@michigan.gov.