Revised Retirement Plan Election brochures and forms

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

Revised Retirement Plan Election brochures and forms

By now your reporting unit should have received the July 2017 revision of the Retirement Plan Election brochure and form, which reflects the changes to the Defined Contribution(DC) plan that were introduced with Public Act 92 of 2017.

Each reporting unit received approximately 5 percent of their total employees, with a minimum of 10 copies.If you need more than this amount, you may order more using the Online Order Form page on the Employer Information website. However, be aware that these forms will be replaced in January 2018 with an important update to address further changes in benefit plans that are effective February 1, 2018. Please order only enough for your expected needs through January.

Reminder: As you hire new employees, please check the Member Benefit Plans link on Employer Reporting to determine whether the new hire is eligible to elect a retirement plan. If so, please provide them the July 2017 version of the brochure/form. 

If you have questions, contact Employer Reporting at