Technology Updates – Action Required

Michigan Office of Retirement Services - Message for Public School Employers

Technology Updates – Action Required

May 30, 2017

Beginning today, a series of technology updates have gone into effect on the Employer Reporting website. Below is a summary of the updates and how they will impact the way you report to ORS.

1. Adjusting records that are prior to October 1, 2002

When requesting adjustments for wages reported for pay periods prior to October 1, 2002, the Request for Adjusting Records Prior to October 1, 2002 (R3489C) form replaces the process of putting your request in writing to ORS. This form is available on the Reporting Forms section of the Employer Information website.

Updated: Reporting Instruction Manual (RIM) Section 7.18.00: Adjusting Wages and/or Hours on a DTL2 Record and RIM Section 7.18.01: How to Adjust Wages and/or Hours on a DTL2 Record.

2. Report retirees with retiree Detail 2 (DTL2) wage and employment class codes

Active DTL2 wage codes or employment class codes will post for one month after a new retiree’s effective date of retirement. Beyond that month, if a retiree is reported with active DTL2 wage or employment class codes, the record will suspend. All compensation, including gross wages, paid in retirement must be reported with a retiree DTL2 wage code and employment class code.

This does not include summer spread reporting for retirees. See the next section for instructions on how to report summer spread for retirees.

3. Changes to summer spread reporting

Summer spread wages (08 and 85 wage codes) are intended for reporting wages without hours that are paid during the summer months. The new technology update will post records with 08 and/or 85 wage codes with a record begin date that is within the date range of June 1 through September 30. If a record is submitted with 08 and 85 wage codes outside of that window, the record will suspend. This change includes summer spread reporting for new retirees. A retiree’s summer spread will post if the record is within 90 days of their retirement effective date and is in the range of record begin date of June 1 through September 30.

Updated: RIM Section 7.17.00: How to Report Summer Spread Wages on a DTL2 and RIM Section 7.18.00: Adjusting Wages and/or Hours on a DTL2 Record.

4. Changes to positive adjustment when no original record is present

Both hours and wages are now required when making a positive adjustment using an 05, 25, or 75 wage code, when an original record isn’t present.

More updates to look for:

  • Posted Employer Contributions is now visible on the View Employee Info section of the Employer Reporting website.
  • The Report Effective Date is now available on the Download Feedback File and matches the information on the View DC Feedback File section.