Ice Warning

The Charter Township of Oakland is under an Ice Warning

The Department of Homeland Security recommends the following safety tips:

Stay off roads.
Stay indoors and dress warmly.
Prepare for power outages.
Use generators outside only and away from windows.
Listen for emergency information and alerts.
Look for signs of hypothermia and frostbite.
Check on neighbors.

DTE Energy also recommends the following: 

Stay at least 20 feet away from all power lines and anything they’re in contact with and consider them live. They are extremely dangerous. Treat every downed power line as if it was energized. Customers should also heed the warning of yellow caution tape, which indicates there is a downed power line in the area. DO NOT CROSS YELLOW CAUTION TAPE.

Never use a portable generator inside a home or business. It emits carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Keep it outside, away from windows and doors, so the fumes won’t come in.  

Report a power outage or downed wire to DTE immediately through the
mobile app, website or 800-477-4747.