Cooling Centers in Oakland County

Due to an extended period of high temperatures.  The following local communities have opened cooling centers:

  • Auburn Hills, 1827 N Squirrel Rd, Auburn Hills Community Center
  • Farmington Hills, 26800 Eleven Mile Rd, Costick Center
  • Ferndale, 1201 Livernois Rd, Kulick Center
  • Waterford, 3621 Pontiac Lake Rd, Waterford Senior Center

Tips to Keep Cool and Protected From the Sun When Temps are High

  • Limit outside activities during the day.  Avoid too much exercise during the warmest part of the day.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • If you have to be in the sun, protect yourself with sunscreen, sunglasses and light colored clothing.
  • Keep cool! Use an air conditioner or go to a cool place such as a basement, neighbor's house, community center, senior citizen center, library, shopping
    mall, movie theater or cooling center
  • Even an hour or two in these locations will cool you down.
  • Check on family members, neighbors and friends.
  • Never leave children, the elderly or pets in parked cars. Cars heat up quickly, even with windows open. 

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