OAKLAND TOGETHER: A message from Dave Coulter, Oakland County Executive


December 17, 2021

Bi-Weekly Executive Newsletter


Dear Friends,

As we all prepare for the holidays, it’s a fitting time to reflect on what is important year round, but especially at this time of year.

It’s a time to hold tight to family and friends and be thankful that gatherings this year will be a little less perilous for many in 2021 than the isolated celebrations of 2020.

I think that all of us hoped we’d be in a different place by this time. That the dreadful COVID would be behind us and we could fully and literally embrace our families without fear of getting or passing the virus on to our loved ones.

But I’m thankful that we’re getting closer: more than 75% of our residents are vaccinated; more and more people are seeking the booster shots; and our young students have access to the vaccines, so many will be able to see their grandparents this holiday season.

I know we’re all struggling to make decisions on how we’ll spend our holidays, if vaccination status will guide our plans. But I hope you all will be able to spend time together, no matter what form that takes, whether it’s Zoom or masked or vaxxed. I only wish for a healthy, safe and joyous holiday for everyone.

Just know that, if you’re looking for physical or mental health services during the holidays, that Oakland County will be here for residents and the community. I know that many people are struggling to deal with the trauma the Oxford school community suffered two weeks ago and we’re also here to provide the support and resources you need.

So in addition to a healthy and safe holiday, I also wish you peace and comfort now and in 2022.



With gratitude,

David Coulter

Oakland County Executive

Oakland County Launches program for people seeking more education or training

Residents enrolled in the “Futures for Frontliners” and “Michigan Reconnect” programs, which provides funding for college tuition for students, can qualify for help with related costs that might otherwise be a barrier to higher education.

Oakland County residents can apply for funds to cover the costs of books and supplies as well as other expenses like transportation and childcare, as they return to school to get a college degree or certified training credential.

Those who are enrolled in these state of Michigan programs and in need of supportive services should contact their local Oakland County Michigan Works! service center to schedule an appointment to discuss with a career advisor.




Oakland County offers childcare scholarship program

Eligible Oakland County residents who are working or enrolled in college or a certified training program and are struggling to pay for childcare can now apply for a scholarship to help cover a portion of the expense.

The Oakland County Childcare Scholarship Program, funded by the American Rescue Plan, is being administered by Oakland County Michigan Works!  Each scholarship is worth $1,200 and will be available to the first 1,000 eligible families that apply at an Oakland County Michigan Works! service center.

To apply for the scholarship, go to https://forms.oakgov.com/194.


Health Division expands access to booster shots  

After approval from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Oakland County Health division began offering COVID vaccine booster doses for any county resident 16 years of age or older.

The expansion comes as the Health Division has been holding vaccination clinics in schools across the county to administer doses to children between the ages of 5 and 11 after the CDC granted approval for the vaccine for young students.

At least 75 percent of Oakland County residents ages 5 and older have received at least their first dose of the vaccine.