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February 11, 2021

Oakland County Executive Biweekly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As I have visited sites where thousands of Oakland County residents were getting vaccinations to ward off the coronavirus, I felt a sense of hope as I watched people eagerly roll up their sleeves for both the physical shot and emotional boost that the dose represents.

There are people like Val Gross, a security chief for the Pontiac School District, who literally ran to the spot in Southfield where he got his first dose, saying, “It gets us one step closer to eradicating this nasty virus.”

Or Susan Camm who got her first dose in Southfield last week. It was heartbreaking to hear that she hasn’t seen her grandkids for almost a year because of Covid-19. “It was very emotional. It just feels so hopeful for so many people and families,” she said after getting her shot. “I can’t wait to hold my grandbabies and by March, when I have my second shot, I’ll be able to kiss those babies.”

Then there are the health care workers who were overjoyed at the prospect that they could begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One even baked a “Happy Vaccine Day” cake to commemorate the first day of shots.

The number of shots that we’re delivering each week is growing from an initial shipment of less than 2,000 doses a week to the 7,000 we’re receiving and distributing now.  We expect that number to increase as more vaccine manufacturers get federal approval and production ramps up.

So “Save Your Spot” for a vaccine on the county’s website – OaklandCountyVaccine.com – and check with your hospital system and get on their vaccination list. We are all doing everything we can to get doses out as soon as they are available.

We’ve been through a year-long trauma. This feels like the beginning of the end and there’s a certain joy to that.

Warmest regards,

David Coulter, Oakland County Executive

VIDEO: Oakland County Grandmother Receives First COVID-19 Vaccine Dose


State tuition program aligns with Oakland’s goals

Earlier this month, the State of Michigan announced the launch of Michigan Reconnect, which will provide tuition assistance for eligible Michigan residents age 25 and over.

The program aligns perfectly with County Executive Dave Coulter’s Oakland80 initiative, which sets a goal of having 80 percent of the county’s adults receiving a post-secondary degree or trade certification by 2030.

To achieve that goal, the county is looking to help high school students obtain the financial assistance they need to get that degree. And the Michigan Reconnect program is a path to that assistance.

For more information on the Oakland80 initiative and the Michigan Reconnect program, visit the Workforce Development website.

County helps restaurants and schools with COVID-19 Safety protocols

Oakland County has partnered with Clear to Go, a Rochester-based software developer to provide schools and restaurants the tools they need to screen and track cases of Covid-19. The software allows businesses and schools to ensure that anyone who enters a building is healthy and adhering to safety protocols.

The contract, which provides the software for free to restaurants and public schools in Oakland, runs through June and is being paid for through federal coronavirus relief funding. Learn more from the Clear to Go press release.

County veterans may be eligible for COVID aid

County veterans, service members and eligible dependents may qualify for up to $2,500 in assistance through the Veterans Covid-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program. The state has provided a $182,000 grant through the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

The aid can be used for food assistance, utility bills, property taxes and personal care costs. Applications are available at:  www.oakgov.com/covid/grants.

Those without access to the internet should contact the Oakland County Veterans’ Services Division in Pontiac at 248-858-0785 for assistance.

Hear County Executive Coulter’s update on COVID-19 preparedness

County Executive David Coulter talked with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson this week to explain how prepared the county is to ramp up delivery of the Covid-19 vaccines.

“We have the infrastructure in place. We have the capacity to do this. We simply don’t have enough doses to meet the incredible demand,” Coulter told Henderson. “We have to be patient and wait until the pharmacies and federal government manufacture and distribute the vaccine to us.”

Listen to the entire interview on WDET.

Updated COVID-19 Information

For the latest information on COVID-19 testing, dashboards, resources and vaccinations, visit our website at OakGov.com/COVID. To receive the weekly COVID-19 Vaccine Newsletter, register your email address to or text OAKGOV COVID to 468311. 


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