Urban and Community Forestry News - July 30, 2021

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Urban and Community Forestry News

A young boy wearing a striped sweater and red rain boots waters a newly-planted tree with a hose while an adult assists.

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This weekly newsletter contains information related to urban forestry and arboriculture training, research, jobs, and funding in Michigan, nationally and internationally. If you know of an event or opportunity that may be of interest to our partners, please email program coordinator Kevin Sayers.

Invasive spotted lanternfly found for first time in Indiana

Closeup image of a colorful spotted lanternfly on a branch whose open, red-and-white spotted wings reveal a striped white body.

The invasive spotted lanternfly has been reported in Indiana for the first time by the state's Department of Natural Resources. The insect was reported by a homeowner in Switzerland County, located in the southern portion of the state. Several agencies are responding to survey the extent of the infestation and contain it. Scientists worry about this insect due to the damage it does to orchards, vineyards and street trees. Read the story and learn to identify spotted lanternfly. Live insects have not been found in Michigan at this time.

Photo by Matt Rourke, Associated Press. 

What's that growing on my oak tree?

A closeup image of a brownish, round lump growing from an oak twig.

You might notice some unusual lumps and bumps on oak trees during late summer. Is it a disease? Nope – it's actually the next generation of two types of wasps!

As explained in an article from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, oak apple galls and wood sower galls, roundish growths on oak trees, are caused by the reproductive processes of wasps. The wasp lays an egg on the tree, causing a defensive lump of tissue to form around the young wasp(s) inside. The wasps emerge when mature.

Although the galls look unusual, they aren't a tree health issue and there's no need for concern or treatment. 

Photo of oak apple gall from Wisconsin DNR. 

Homeowners with boxwoods needed for important study

A closeup image of a boxwood shrub shows bite marks and stringy leftover stems where boxwood caterpillars have left extensive damage.

Do you live in Michigan and have new boxwood shrubs on your property? Scientists need your help!

Homeowners who purchased boxwoods in 2020 and 2021 are being asked if they are willing to host traps in their yards to collect any potential box tree moths, an invasive species that has not yet been detected in our state but could potentially be brought here by imported plants. 

According to Michigan State University, the box tree moth was accidentally introduced in 2007 in Germany and since then has destroyed an estimated 75% of boxwood shrubs in Europe.

Learn more about box tree moth and how to participate in the study. 

Photo: Extensive feeding damage from the box tree moth, via Ferenc Lakatos, University of Sopron, Bugwood.org.

Travel, tourism and recreation-focused grants announced

Economic development administration logo: A blue circle with dark blue writing and the images of a plane, ship and palm tree in red.

Competitive tourism grants have been announced by  the U.S. Economic Development Administration. A total of $240 million will be made available to help communities hit by challenges facing the travel, tourism and outdoor recreation sectors. Grants can be used to support a variety of goals such as workforce and infrastructure projects . Learn more; applications are due March 15, 2022

Check up on your trees with the plant health care report

A long-haired woman in a pink top takes a photo of a tree in a park

The Morton Arboretum, a Midwest leader in arboriculture and plant care based in Illinois, issues weekly plant health care reports. The reports detail pests, insects, diseases and weather patterns of note for regional arborists and urban foresters. 

Read the most recent Plant Health Care Report for an update on weeds, temperatures, diseases and indicator species, or view the archive.

Workshops and conferences

Aug. 3: Plant pest and disease diagnostic tour – DOW Gardens

Aug. 5: Plant pest and disease diagnostic tour – Hope College

Aug. 31: Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association and Dr. Schutzki's Plant Academy

Sept. 15-16: 2021 ISA-Michigan Fall Conference

Sept. 17-19: Michigan Tree Climbing Championship

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