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January 2023


Happy New Year

A new year brings an opportunity to reflect upon the past year as it comes to a close and look forward to the year forthcoming. As we reflect on 2023 at Michigan Veteran Homes, it's humbling to consider the staff, volunteers, families, donors, and partners that made the year so remarkable for our veterans and their loved ones. For that - and for each of you - we're incredibly grateful.

As you look forward to 2024, we look forward to seeing you around MVH. Whatever 2023 looked like for you individually, 2024 brings a new year, and new opportunities. And of course, the best is always yet to come.

Happy New Year from MVH!

Jacobetti Staff

So Much to Be Grateful for at MVH

How does one jam into a newsletter all the amazing things happening for our veterans at MVH? It's impossible, and so instead we'll just provide a few tidbits where others might see how incredibly grateful we are for the care and quality of life we're able to provide our veterans. Here's just a few things that happened in December at MVH:

So many more incredible things happened for our members not captured here, thanks to the generosity of our team and our supporters in each of our communities. We share our gratitude to so many, for so much.

Fox Theatre
Friends of RRR

The Power and Impact of Generosity

More than eight years ago, after a workday, a conversation occurred between a few individuals where they decided they should try to make a positive difference in the lives of veterans. In the past eight years, that conversation has grown to the giving of $232,000 to Michigan Veteran Homes by the Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch.

On December 2nd, Leo and Valerie Martin, owners of the Rolling Rock Ranch, along with the nonprofit Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch, stopped by MVH at Grand Rapids to host bingo, throw the veterans a pizza party, and present their $38,000 donation for this year to the Homes' Charitable Support Fund (CSF). The CSF is funded by private donations, and supports quality of life and life enriching experiences for the members MVH serves in late-in-life and end-of-life care.

"The Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch continue to be tremendously grateful for the friends, family, and community that supports our event each year. The generosity of our donors and partners that make the day so incredibly honorable and special for our heroes amazes us each year," said Don Pyles, Treasurer of Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch.

MVH shares in that amazement and gratitude for the generosity of Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch, and those that support them. It takes a village to serve those who've served us, and because of Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch and people and organizations like them, we can serve our veterans better at MVH.

To learn more about Friends of Rolling Rock Ranch, click here. To read more about the generous donation this year, click here.

Fraternal Order of Eagles

The Eagles + MVH at Chesterfield Township

It's fitting that our national bird has a special connection to Michigan Veteran Homes and the members we serve. Indeed, two bald eagles make their home upon a sizeable tree within viewing distance of the members at MVH at Chesterfield Township, and have done so since construction began several years ago. But those birds certainly aren't the only eagles with a special connection to MVH.

The International Fraternal Order of the Eagles is also furthering deep connections with our members, as they recently stopped by MVHCT to donate $5,000 to the Home's Charitable Support Fund. The members at MVHCT stay active in the Home, as well as in the community, and this donation and others like it allow them to do so. Donations to the Charitable Support Fund support the community outings, tickets to events, cookouts, and more: the experiences that make life better for members at Michigan Veteran Homes.

MVHCT continues to grow as a partner in service in the southeast Michigan region, and is grateful for its many supporters - including all of its Eagles!

Donations to MVH are tax-deductible under section 170(c) of the IRC.
Michigan Veteran Homes are making a difference in the lives of MI veterans and their loved ones.
Want to learn more about actively participating in the representative democracy our veterans stood to protect? Visit the

Wreaths Across America

On Dec. 16th at thousands of cemeteries across the nation, community members laid wreaths on the final resting place of American veterans. MVH at Grand Rapids has been interring veterans in its cemetery since the 1880s, and was again honored to participate in the annual Wreaths Across America event, where more than 500 community members laid 3,600+ wreaths on headstones of veterans that make MVHGR's cemetery their final resting place.

E pluribus unum.

Those in attendance included families, individuals, representatives of veteran service organizations, Scouts of America, 501(c)(3)s, state and federal elected leaders, and more - all coming together to honor the men and women who've served us.

It was a memorable event, and we encourage you to join us in 2024. Bring a friend, and your family. Sponsor a wreath. It's a morning well spent.

Veteran Art

The Veteran Artists of MVH at Grand Rapids

In early December, members at MVHGR put on their art sale, selling masterpieces they've worked on with the Home's art instructor, Vickie Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds has been supporting and teaching art to our veterans for more than two decades: she's truly remarkable asset for our veterans and their experience at the Home.

The event was a great success. One can see a few examples of the incredible work above and below, or view one or more of the three Facebook posts summarizing the event: here, or here.... or here.

And while you may have missed the show, there's still opportunity to purchase some of our veteran artwork. Contact Becky Smit at SmitR@michigan.gov if interested. 

Veteran ArtVeteran ArtVeteran ArtVeteran ArtVeteran ArtVeteran Art