Special Pathogens and Ebola Virus Disease: EMS & Transportation Workshop Recap

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Special Pathogens and Ebola Virus Disease: EMS & Transportation Workshop Recap

On August 29th, 2018 the Michigan Special Pathogens Response Network (SPRN) team held a conference with regional healthcare coalition leadership and 15 EMS agencies designated to transport special pathogen patients across state of Michigan, if needed. Over 65 people attended this one-day hands-on conference held at Livingston County EMS.

The goals of the day were to review EMS protocol; provide hands on training on personal protective equipment (PPE) and applicable Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) guidelines; provide resources and link with other stakeholders in the SPRN network, and to operationalize transportation sequence of a patient infected with a highly infectious pathogen.

The conference highlighted a discussion on respiratory protection requirements by Janelle Thelen from MIOSHA. The SPRN team presented the current state of the SPRN and the National Ebola Training and Education (NETEC) resources that are available. Attendees participated in a hands-on demonstration on the Biocell installation in the back of an ambulance.  Biocell is a disposable plastic barrier system that protects the inside of an ambulance from contamination from a patient infected with a highly virulent disease. Finally, attendees reviewed specific EMS and healthcare facility procedures related to SPRN. In the coming weeks frequently asked questions will be posted on the SPRN website