MDARD Industrial Hemp Update #5

Industrial Hemp Updates

MDARD Regulatory Reminders



Now that summer has finally arrived, and hemp has been planted across the state, MDARD is reminding growers and processor handlers about some key regulatory items:


  1. Section 10(3) of Public Act 641 of 2018 requires growers to post signage in a visible location at each boundary line of a hemp growing location. The signage must include the following:
    1. The statement, “Industrial Hemp Registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.”
    2. The registered grower’s name
    3. The registered grower’s registration number


  1. Section 14 of Public Act 641 requires growers who intend to harvest an industrial hemp crop to have a sample of their crop analyzed by a testing facility not less than 15 days before the intended harvest. The purpose of the sample and analysis is to confirm compliance with the legal requirement that the THC level is 0.3% or less.  MDARD is currently finalizing its emergency rules on testing standards.   In the meantime, please note the following:
    1. It is the grower's responsibility to obtain and submit a sample of their hemp crop not less than 15 days before they intend to harvest.
    2. Although not required by law, a grower may submit samples more frequently to monitor THC levels.
    3. Per Section 10(5) a grower may transfer up to 2-1/2 ounces of industrial hemp per transfer to a testing facility for the purpose of measuring THC, cannabidiol, or other phytocannabinoid levels.
    4. Testing must include quantitative laboratory determination of the delta-9 THC concentration on a dry weight basis. All tests shall be performed post-decarboxylation.
    5. MDARD’s Geagley Laboratory in East Lansing is set up and ready to receive hemp samples. Instructions for submitting samples will be added to MDARD’s industrial hemp website,


  1. Section 10(5) and 11(3) require growers and processor-handlers to provide a copy of their registration/license upon request by a MDARD representative or law enforcement. Keep a copy of your registration/license handy at all times and share it when you are asked.


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