Attention Referral Providers for Children’s Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment

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Effective October 1, 2021, the Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) will implement a change to the referral process for all children being referred to an Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment Facility (ITRT), also known as Children’s Residential Treatment (CRT). The process change will align with the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) to improve the lives of children and strengthen Maine families. The new process and all procedures will adhere to the current MaineCare policy requirements for ITRT under Section 97 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.


Effective October 1, 2021, the following procedure will be implemented for ITRT referrals: 



  • When an ITRT application needs to be submitted, and there is a BHH or TCM provider involved, BHH/TCM is expected to complete the application and submit it to Kepro. In cases where there is no BHH/TCM provider for the child, a child welfare caseworker, parent or other service provider may submit the ITRT application and should consider if a referral to TCM/BHH services would be helpful.
  • Kepro will update the application questionsin the Atrezzo portal to align with the new process and the Family First Prevention Services Act
  • If the provider does not submit a complete application, Kepro will place it on pending status for 7 days until requested documentation is received. Kepro will issue an administrative denial after 7 days if the application is not complete by that time.
  • If a youth is 10 years old or younger, consultation with an OCFS Behavioral Health Program Coordinator (BHPC) is required prior to submitting the request in Atrezzo. 
  • Once a completed application has been received, Kepro staff will schedule a meeting with the guardian, child, and treatment team to review the application and assess the current need based on Section 97 MaineCare policy. 


  • Meetings will be held within five business days of a completed application and will occur through an online meeting platform. All participants will receive a calendar invite with the date, time and weblink.
  • Meetings will include interviews of the treatment team members regarding the need for service, completion of assessment tool designated by MaineCare Benefits Manual and review of any information submitted with the application.
  • Kepro clinician will schedule a follow-up readout meeting with the established team within 48 business hours of the completed written summary. This meeting will include the summary of findings and decision of the application request.


Summary of Findings:

  • Kepro clinician will review all documents provided in the application, compile information gathered in the meeting and provide a decision to the team within 48 business hours of the completed written summary via an online meeting platform.
  • The assessment decision will also be available to the referral source via the Kepro Atrezzo portal. If approved, this will alert the referral source they can start connecting the family to in-state residential providers.


 The Office of Child and Family Services and Kepro will be providing additional updates and training resources regarding this process change.